Friday, June 3, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Sunshine) Hello, where is everyone???? Thanks for setting things up Cathy.

Its been a crazy busy week. Soccer has now started and Miss Teen Sunshine had a performance this week and lot of other things went on as well. This weekend is also busy with a Birthday party on Saturday and another one on Sunday.

Work wise it was a very long week. I don't know if it is the time of year or what but I find all of the days extra long and my boss has been so moody. Partly because she was not feeling well all week and partly because it annoys her when other school staff come in and laugh and joke around with us. Its ok if they talk to her but if they interact with us in a fun way, it seems to really irritate her.

Everything else is about the same. Cathy how are you feeling? Carolin what have you been up to? Are you going to be off for the summer or do you have other plans work wise?

(Carolin) I think I might be off most of the summer, I am still trying to work out a week to go to camp but not sure when yet. Also I need to put a proposal together to cook and serve two snacks and lunch once a week for six weeks this summer for a day camp. But the big headache right now is the teenager.

I was away this weekend and I get a text from the teenager that her boyfriend gave her a one year anniversary gift and she is very happy. I am happy if she is happy but then she starts playing word games with me and won't tell me what the gift is. It eventually comes out that he gave her a, are you sitting down for this, a KITTEN! I was very clear and forceful that the kitten must go, return it get your money back whatever but it is to be gone by the time I get home on Sunday. Can you believe this, I was livid!

Both girls have asked for a pet, the teenager even went out and bought a fish for herself and the little one. Of course the little one's fish died not long after she got it. I do not want any pets, I said we would revisit the pet situation after the summer. And if we got one it would the little one who got to choose as the teenager chose and named Duster (who was with us for 14 years).

I get home today only to find the kitten still here. I was once again very firm the cat goes. I told her to pack it up and return it to where ever it was bought from. She said they don't take returns on cats. What ever at this point I don't even believe the boyfriend bought this for her. I think she manipulated the whole situation to get what she wanted. I know this child very well. So next I called the animal shelter but they are not open on Sunday's. I told (don't ask) the husband that he will be taking the kitten to the shelter tomorrow morning. I then told the teenager to have everything packed before she leaves for work as the kitten will be gone before lunch. I was so angry they are all lucky I didn't kill someone. The nerve, to think she can just do as she wants and I will just go along with it. Last I looked her name appears NOwhere on the deed to the house she lives in. But my name does, as well as my names appears on all the bills, chequing account, I am the one who pays the bills, cleans the house, and does whatever is necessary to keep everything running.

Just a half an hour ago the teenager came home with the boyfriend (who no longer talks to me because of an incident last week). Like I care that much but once again this is my home, my pop, my chips he munches away on. They both go up stairs and then come back down a few minutes later with the kitten in its box and its food etc and leave. I was fortunate enough to be on the receiving end of many a dirty look but at this point I don't care as the kitten is gone.

This child of mine will never have a pet while she lives under my roof. And after this stunt I doubt if her sister will ever have one either. The teenager doesn't seem to seem to get just how wrong she is, and how many lines she has crossed. This is the same person who tells me the kitten will live in her room and she will take care of everything. The same girl who can't close,yes close the front door when she leaves in the morning. The same one who just dumps the dirty cat litter in the back yard in the garden, cause that for some reason is just OK. GRRRRRRR.

And that was my last 24 hours!

Ten more work days until summer vacation. I can't wait!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!!!


  1. Carolin, good luck with everything and in case the teenager isn't listening, I heard you loud and clear and I must say that I am a liitle bit afraid.

  2. I know what you mean, Sunshine. When I read what was happening at Carolin's home.... I, too was very, very afraid!!!!!!!!!! lol!

    Hey, Carolin, how are things now????