Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day Seventeen of Twenty-One

I always find that I am so tired by the end of my work week. I know that that is no different from anyone else. One battle that I am starting to win is not to give in to my desire to just sit and vegge. out on the couch. With that in mind, I came home from work and weighed myself right away. This makes me commit to exercising later. I ate lunch of leftover ground beef stroganoff with wild rice. I did not have any vegetables and that was wrong! I did have my cup of tea, though. I became so sleepy after I ate that I fell asleep on the couch. I woke up when our dog started barking at something outside.
It was a good thing as I slept for two hours! I got up and put on a loaf of bread and tidied the kitchen. Dinner was tuna fish sandwiches with salad so not a lot of prep. work. I went downstairs and did a solid 30 minutes of strength exercises. Ouch!! I need to do more strength work and less yoga. The yoga is becoming easier. The Wii had me doing side planks and push ups and jack knifes and other forms of torture! I did feel pumped afterward so I guess that is the reward for today.

I am looking forward to helping Carolin at her school cafe tomorrow!

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  1. I am going to have to reaquaint myself with the WII, I forgot that there are so many fitness options on there. Have you by any chance tried the Biggest Looser WII game?