Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crosby's in the House

What an exciting night we had.

The little one, Aunt Sue, and my cousin Shannon went to a charity auction at the school I work at and where the little one attends. The auction had a lot of sports items, signed Jerseys, signed pictures, goalie masks etc. I am not a sports fan so they didn't interest me but I did bid on gift certificates to stores and restaurants.

When we first got to the auction there was a table set up with a framed signed hockey jersey from Sidney Crosby with photos of the winning Olympic goal. Again not my thing and its huge. anyway they had 105 playing cards glued on a board and you bought a card for $20.00. I noticed one family had bought 23 playing cards. The little one wanted to buy one. I explained to her that she would be buying a ticket from her own money and that she more then likely would not win. She said she understood but still wanted to buy a ticket. So a $20.00 bill was handed over and she wrote her name on one of the cards. We then went into the auction.

The little one found a item she wanted to bid on. I explained how the silent auction worked and told her what her limit was to spend. She put her bid down and was so excited when the table closed and she was the successful bidder. She was so happy she even cried a bit. It was very sweet to see.

At the end of the evening the Principal called all the kids up to the stage to help pull the playing cards of the board to find the winner. The family that had bought 23 tickets daughter went first and she pulled 5 tickets off. No winner, then two boys went and again no winner. It was the little ones turn and she pulled off a ticket and all of a sudden the Principal is getting excited. It seems she had pulled of the winning ticket. I quickly started to walk up to the stage as I was concerned about the excitement overwhelming her. All I new was she pulled the winning ticket but know one new who's ticket it was. Finally the Principal asks her if she pulled her ticket and she said yes. It was confirmed and then the whole audience went crazy. I quickly held the little one as she cried in my arms. I kept repeating "deep breaths". Once she was able to get herself somewhat composed she was brought to the front of the stage and cameras were flashing and there was clapping and cheering.

The rest of the night was a blur for her as people kept coming up congratulating her. It was a very exciting night for all.


  1. Congrats to the Little One! She will be very happy to have her prize on the wall in her room. Thinking of room walls... do kids still tape pictures from magazines on their walls? I used to have pictures of Donny Osmond and David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman and Bay City Rollers, etc. on my walls. I think I still have those "Teen Beat" and "Tiger Beat" magazines!!

  2. Congratulations!! What a wonderful evening. She will remember it forever.