Monday, May 16, 2011

The Twenty-First Day!

I made it!
I just finished a 35 minute workout with my Wii. I started again with the Rhythm Parade. I really like the way it warms up all of me. I followed with Advanced Kung-fu and I almost achieved a perfect score. Then I did the math game and finally won! I can now count to 10! The advanced obstacle course has ice and I kept slipping off into the abyss. I will have to learn more finesse with that game. I cannot resist the advanced steps. I pretend I'm dancing and I always wonder if there is a Wii game that contains more rhythmic dance? I must investigate! As it was the last day I decided to do the Short Run. I will admit that I am not a runner. I will leave that to Carol! This time the Short Run did not claim me.... I actually made it and did not feel like dying! I guess this just goes to show that the exercise is working. I will see if I can slowly work my way to the Long Run. No promises, though. I finished off my aerobics with a Ski Jump and Snowball Fight. The Snowball Fight is a good time!
I believe that took me to 25 minutes of aerobics so I programed a 10 minute yoga routine to stretch myself out and cool down. I still really feel good doing the Sun Salutation. I can almost touch my toes.
I look forward to continuing my exercise routine. I also need to work harder on what I eat. I need to add more fruits and vegetables to my day. I'm not a snacker so I find it hard to pick up an apple and eat it. I like apples, I'm just not hungry between meals. I will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and have juice, tea, milk and water with meals and in between meals. I was reading that smaller meal portions and healthy snacking keeps the metabolism consistently working. I guess I will have to learn how to snack?
I will continue to blog daily about my exercise and food intake as I find it keeps me honest. It's been twenty-one days and this routine is working so, why change it?
Thanks everyone! I feel (or pretend) I have a silent cheering squad out there in blog land keeping me going.

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  1. Congratulations Cathy, You must feel great and I have enjoyed reading about yor adventures. Keep up the good work.