Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Morning After

The morning after beer, wings and fries held no issues except for the fact that my weight was up (no surprise there) and I was thirsty! (again no surprise) The wings were really good. I had the honey garlic with country fries. I did drink light beer. If we go back again I think I will try the wings with medium hot sauce and see how that goes. It was a fun night! What made it even better was that the son of one of my friends drove us all there and when we were ready to go home he came and picked us all up and delivered us all safely home! That was the first time we did this and it was strange as I remember him all little but at the same time it was nice not to have to worry about a DD. Funny thing was that no one over drank. I'm sure some of us would be 0.5 but no one was silly.

On to today. I woke up and weighed in. (need to be good for the next few days) Cleaned the house and gardened. I took a break from gardening and did my 30 minute yoga routine. I'm getting really good at the downward facing dog. Has anyone tried the triangle pose? It feels like you have stretched every muscle in your body afterward! I can now do the standing knee without wobbling all over the place. The Wii is very proud!

Let's see, breakfast was oatmeal with berries and I tried for the first time vanilla almond milk. Wow, tasty! Lunch was two slices of homemade pizza. (I should have had only one) I have eaten two bunches of grapes and a trail mix nut mixture for a small snack. I had lots of water. Dinner was one slice of german sunflower rye bread with the thinnest layer of mayo, sliced spanish salami, (spicy!) and sliced tomatoes. I drank a glass of orange juice with dinner. I wonder how much fat was in all I ate today? Looking back at what I ate I think I did ok with the fruit and veggie servings. I put one cup of berries in my oatmeal and I ate about a cup of grapes in total. It was only half a tomato with dinner, though. Hmmmm. I have to learn to eat more salad!

On to tomorrow. I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend. I hope we get lucky and have as nice a day tomorrow as we did today!

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