Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day Eight of Twenty-One

Today is a good day. My mind won! I barely had four hours of sleep last night after watching a GREAT concert. All of the students did an awesome job and it was so nice to enjoy the fruits of their labours. I hope they sell a dvd.

On the way home I stopped by Oceans, my favourite grocery store. They sell groceries from all points on our planet. Tonight I am making a stir fry of Basa fish with baby bok choy with grated carrots and minced red peppers. I am serving it with Japanese Udon noodles and salad with miso dressing. Yummy!

Oceans has a take out section so I succumbed and bought some lunch. It was good, however I need to watch my salt intake. I can feel myself bloating.

I promptly fell asleep after lunch. I need to set an alarm as I woke up two hours later feeling like hell! This is where my mind won. I plied myself off of the couch and went downstairs where I did a solid 30 minute Wii aerobic workout. I finished it with a few yoga stretching poses and now I feel great!

Rock on!!!

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  1. Yay, good job!!! We have to be sure and go back to Ocean's when I'm there in October. So far have not been able to find the sauce here in Calgary yet.