Sunday, May 1, 2011

Day Six of Twenty-One

Day six, ok, so first off I have to say that making myself accountable to this blog really works. I have to thank, once again, Carol, as I stole (ever so politely) her idea from her own blog. It's like keeping a journal but bigger. I actually make myself go and work out with the Wii because I know I have to blog about it. Whatever works!

I was planning to take the day off as work this morning was very physical! I spent over two hours pushing passengers up and down long bridges and along long carpeted hallways. I was very sweaty by the end of my shift. Then after I came home and tidied up, Hubby and I and some friends went to the Good Food Festival. We ate lots and lots of samples! Yummy!

It was after we came home from the Festival that I guilted myself onto the Wii for 30 minutes.

Only one problem so far. I seem to be slowly gaining weight??????

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  1. Watch your portions...I "sometimes" reward myself with food for working out and then wonder why nothing at the scale changes! And, not only the portions, but what you are eating. I'd love to live on chocolate and wine, and can fit it in certainly, but my hips won't like it at all!!!
    Good job...take each day as it comes. And don't expect instant results. You didn't gain it overnight, you can't lose it the same way.