Sunday, May 8, 2011

Day Thirteen of Twenty-One

Happy Mother's Day!

I came home from work today to a big breakfast prepared by all my boys! It was very yummy! We then went to visit two garden nurseries. One is Sheridan Nurseries in Mississauga and the other was Terra Greenhouses in Milton. I preferred Terra in Milton. It just seemed to have different stock and the garden centre was very organized. They also had so many staff members available to offer help.

Afterwards we went for an early dinner at a local thai restaurant, the Thai Pepper. It's a very small restaurant operated by a married couple. Very, very good food.

We returned home early enough to do some gardening. Hubby said that as it was Mother's Day I should take the day off from exercise. Well, I know me so..... I did about a 15 minute workout after gardening. It was funny though because when I turned on the Wii, it said, "why don't you take a break today (being Sunday); try not to overwork yourself!" Wow!

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