Friday, May 6, 2011

Day Eleven of Twenty-One

I slept in this morning until almost eleven! Not good. I got up and let the dog out, opened curtains and made breakfast. If you guessed oatmeal and berries with a cup of tea.... you're right! It's just so yummy (and good for you, too!) I sorted laundry and then went to have a shower. I should have done my exercises before the shower but I forgot all about them.

I did laundry for a while(yeah! fit credits!) and made a grocery list. Guess what... It's raining again!

Carolin and Sunshine and I with our Hubbys are going out for dinner tonight at a local pub. I will do some exercise after we get home.

Home now. Dinner was very nice. It's good to actually get together and see each other. I was good and ate chicken marsala with rice and a light beer. What I really wanted was chicken wings and fries with a beer! I did go downstairs and did only 15 minutes of yoga and balance games. I did the fitness test and naturally my weight was up. I was not going to do the test or exercise, however, if I stop for just one day it could spell disaster!

I will not give up!

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  1. Thanks for arranging dinner. We had a really good time.