Sunday, May 22, 2011

Today, Sunday, is a Day of Rest

It's the Sunday of the long weekend. Work this morning was so quiet, it was painfully boring!
When I went home I dutifully went downstairs to weigh in. Yep, up again. I have decided that one week a month I will not pay attention to the scale! Also, being Sunday, once again the Wii offered that I should take the day off. So....... I did a few balance games and called it a day!
I spent some time at Costco looking at other Wii fitness games. I think I might purchase another game and alternate just to keep things interesting. I am in no way bored yet, I am looking forward to when I might need to up the challange a bit.
Let's not talk about food today! We had the entire family over for a bbq today. So I will not mention the chicken legs, or the sausages or the potato and pasta salad, let alone the apple or blueberry pie with ice cream!!!!!!!!

Need I say more!
See you tomorrow!

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