Tuesday, May 24, 2011

EA Sports or My Fitness Coach?

I have to be honest here. I did not exercise either yesterday or today. I have dragged myself to work the last two mornings and upon returning home I crawled on to the couch with Advil and wishing I had remembered I had a heating pad. I'll say it: CRAMPS! They seem to be returning with the same intensity from when I was a teenager! I'm getting migraines, too. I know: TMI!

You will be proud as I did at least weigh in before bed. I also did the body test. That was all I could physically or mentally manage. This will not stop me, I am committed to better health!

This brings me to the reason for the title of this post. In my better moments this weekend I was surfing the web for another Wii fitness game for variety. EA Sports and My Fitness Coach seem to be the two top Wii Fit games per all the various review I read.

Any opinions?

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  1. Feel better Cathy. I had my heating pad out this week for the same reason. I never use to get cramps but his time they felt as I remember labour pains feeling. I don't know how well this pill is working yet. I got my period about a week before I finished the last pill and I still have it even though I already started the next pack of pills three days ago. My body seems to be really out of wack and I am so tired. NEXT!
    Regarding the WII game, have you looking into the biggest looser WII. Just curious, I read good things about it.