Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Food, Food, Food

And what to do about it!

Now that I seem to be following a habit of exercising 30 minutes every day I have discovered another challenge. Food! I like to eat because I enjoy food; how it tastes and the preparation. It's hard to reduce portion size. It's not that I'm still hungry.... rather it's that I want to continue experiencing the taste.
I have learned from people with whom I speak that I will start to gain muscle mass and that will keep my weight up. I need to burn off the fat! The more I exercise the hungrier I am. So, what to do?

I did 15 minutes today of aerobics and 15 minutes of strength training. All the while I am thinking about dinner. I made german goulash with spaetzle and salad. Yummy! I did have a small plate. I think for the next twenty-one days I am going to really, really watch and blog what I am eating. All of it. (Do I have to count the beer/wings/fries from this coming Friday????) Just how am I going to eat less than I already am?

As for the weight, I just remembered. I am reaching the start of a new cycle. (if you know what I mean) I always seem to eat more and retain more water so this could be the reason my weight is creeping up. Maybe, I should just ignore the next two weeks; in regards to food. ( I will not stop exercising) I will monitor and see how it progresses.

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  1. Food is hard! Take it from a fellow foodie...sadly, as good as it tastes, you have to watch the portions. Don't just use your weight as a judge, but also take measurements. Yes, muscle mass takes up less space, so it feels like it "weighes more" but a pound is a pound is a pound. Period. With the marathon training, there are days I could outeat a family of four and then there are other days that I just am not hungry, so learn to listen to your body. As for the beer/wings and fries...yes they count, but not if you eat them standing on one foot, surrounded by friends! Whatever works, right?!
    Doesn't help that you're an awesome cook too! Looking forward to October!