Saturday, May 14, 2011

Day Nineteen of Twenty-One

I woke up all bright and bushy tailed this morning! Hubby was already up and he was taking the younger one to his last art class. The younger one wants to be an art and music teacher for secondary school so he has already made an arrangement to volunteer to help his art teacher with her next set of classes. Our piano is getting a much needed tuneup today. Yeah! It always sounds and plays so nicely when it's just been tuned. Our piano is played everyday and I missed getting it tuned last year so it is long overdue.

I'm getting ahead of myself. The first thing I did after I got out of bed was to go and workout on my Wii. I'm down another 0.3kg and I think I am starting to notice a slight difference in my silhouette. (I might be just imagining it, but hey, positive vibes, right!)

I started out with the 'rhythm parade' which is great for getting warmed up. I then did 'rhythmic kung-fu followed by step ups and then the obstacle course. I also did hula hoops; the advanced version; what a killer!

I cooled down with 20 minutes of yoga to stretch myself out. As I finished the older one came downstairs and he had some fun with the obstacle course and ski jumping. Hubby made my favourite breakfast. "Camping breakfast" Nothing beats bacon and eggs with a cup of tea when camping. I figured out that with the exercise my metabolism was up and active so would burn off the breakfast calories sooner! (one can hope!)

I am wondering what I will do when I have reached the twenty-first day. I believe that blogging is a great way to help keep me motivated. I don't think you will all want to continue to read about my continuing goal of better health. But I am thinking, if it keeps me honest I will continue.

I hope no one minds!

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  1. Cathy, I enjoy reading your fitness posts, so please don't stop.