Saturday, April 30, 2011

Day Five of Twenty-one

I let myself sleep in this morning. What a waste of what could be the only nice day this spring. After I arose I ate a breakfast of oatmeal, fruit and a cup of tea. I made a grocery list and left to pick up the younger one from art class. I saw Carolin's family there as well as the Little One also takes the same art class.
My younger son and I went to Costco and stocked up. Many dollars poorer we went home for lunch. I ate some whole grain chips with spinach dip for lunch. (oops!) Drank a glass of water and went outside to garden. I gardened for about an hour and a half. I came in and drank some more water and went straight downstairs to log my activity credits on the Wii. While it was on I did a 15 minute yoga routine to stretch out and a few balance games. I was pretty proud of myself as I was not sure if I would have made the time to exercise or not.
Well, dinner is bbq'd steak with potato salad and wine. (Hubby just bought a new bbq in case you were wondering)

I am watching my food portion size and am hoping that along with the exercise I will start to slim down and tone up. I do feel better, mood wise so wish me luck for the rest of the days to come. I sincerely hope this will turn into a lifelong habit!

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  1. You'll know you're hooked when, for whatever reason, you can't workout and you miss it!

    Keep it up!