Thursday, April 30, 2009

Question of the Day

Swine Flu has reached a stage 5 Pandemic, are you concerned?


  1. Not one tiny bit. Out of the hundreds of million people living in Mexico the U.S. and Canada only a hundredth of 1 percent will have any contact to the flu.Or know anyone personaly with the Flu. And remember it is just a flu. No big deal. If there was no media we would not know anything about it and panic would not over come our nation. People die from namonia every day and there is no media coverage for this. If you can make a country lives in fear you can control that country. I think we all need a news break, try it. Don't listen to the news on T.V. radio or newspaper for one week and see how better you feel after that. You may never go back to the news.

  2. I so agree Mommie, we need to remember that the "News" thrives on crises after crises and for them to get advertising and ratings they need to create crises after crises. It is a terrible thing that people have died from the Swine flu but in comparison how many have died this past winter from seasonal flu?

  3. Well I am as concerned as I get about things like this really. I mean what can we do anyway except stress the importance of hand washing over and over again. However I do know for a fact that it is causing a lot of inconveniences in certain work environments because the powers that be are panicking and the panic is more regarding law suites of employees passing on this flu over fear of infections themselves. That seems to be the only thing driving the panic as usual, money, money, money.

  4. Well ladies as you have requested they did change the name from swine flu to flu #96*%$#?
    I have never jumped on the jerm band wagen before and having raised four kids of my own, I believe that all kids end up eating a pound of dirt and still grow up healthy. But as I am now working in retail and a large part of my job is to give hand demos I have noticed that I am washing my hands quite often. Am more aware of keeping my hands away from my face.
    Sad but true was about to approach a woman to offer a demo and she put her hand to her nose and picked it. I quickly turned and went the other way. Also you would be surprised to know how many people leave their dirty kleenixes on the shelves! (Someone has to move them)
    So even if I am not afraid, I will admit I am difinitly more aware. Although my hands are in the sink more often my job does privide me with a lot of great moisturizers to use after each washing!!!
    Auntie Sue