Thursday, April 16, 2009

I feel good.…

What a great day. The teenager didn’t have school today so I got to wake up on my own without the aid of the nasty alarm clock. The younger one gave me know hassles about her uniform or breakfast and the husband drove her to school. My little ray of SUNSHINE dropped by for a morning visit and brought me a belated birthday gift. And it was just what a wanted, Mickey Mouse cutlery! How amazing she is to send her husband all the way down south to buy me a gift and since he is there I am glad he was able to get some golfing in and watch a little of the Masters.

Now you might think my day couldn’t get any better. But wait there is more, the teenager and I went shopping!!!!! She started off her usual grumpy self but once we hit the clothing stores she turned into a bundle of joy. With bags in hand we head off to the next store and then the next and even the next. Before you knew it there are bags of new clothes, new bedding, a few birthday gifts bought and even a guitar. Now nobody in our house can play a guitar but what the heck maybe the teenager will learn.

By the end of the day I am thinking can’t get much better. I went to pick up the younger one from school only to find her mid-term report card and for the first time the teachers don’t want an interview with me!! Woot, Woot.

I pray that all out there reading our blog is having as great a day as I. HAPPY SPRING ALL


  1. I promise if you take me shopping and buy me everything I want I will have a good attitude!

  2. Can I go shopping, too? And can we get Mickey-D's