Friday, April 10, 2009

Our very first (non family) FOLLOWER!!

I cannot believe it, so frustrates me, here it is a day I can sleep in a little, I don’t have to be ruled by the annoying alarm clock and I am up. Up before the stupid alarm clock even goes off. As the fog of sleep clears from my brain my first coherent thought is what’s new on the blog? I dreamt of our blog on and off through the night. I am so excited to get down to the computer and find out.

Coffee in hand and click there it is. O my gosh we have a new follower and there’s a couple of comments. Do I read them now or have some breakfast and wait, let the anticipation build. It ‘s like Christmas time to a child. And just like a child I read them all first!

This new follower, I don’t know her, very cool. I have a zillion questions for her, like how did she find us, what did she think, is she going to come back? And the big one for me what exactly does it mean to be a Follower? This whole blog thing is new and my mind can’t grasp all the different applications and “helpful hints”. I can’t seem to remember that my “dashboard” just means my profile page. I have to learn this adsense, Iblogger, there’s gadgets, monetize, edit html, blah, blah, blah. I find it a little, ok maybe a lot overwhelming. But who cares we have a follower!

Our first follower who is not my family, can this get any better. I wonder did this follower realize just what she did when she made the decision to follow us. Maybe I should check her out, will be right back.

She’s from like a totally different country! I read some of her blogs and very much enjoyed them. Now what is the protocol on the “follower” thing, do I have to now join her blog, do I have to thank her, must I make comments on her blog? What happens if we get other followers, I could spend all day just reading other people’s blogs. I won’t have time to even eat, hmmmm… now that’s a diet I haven’t tried yet.


  1. That is so exciting. Welcome to our blog friend we look forward to taking with you.

  2. Congrats at getting a follower!

  3. Welcome aboard!!!! Although I may not sound as high energy as Carolin (It sounds like you had ten coffee's) I'm just as happy to know that someone is actually interested in what we have to say. Dont worry,I promise we wont be "taking" you!!!
    Sunshine really needs to proof read!!ha ha

  4. I signed up to be a follower as well. I love the stories and how you tell them. And Cathy, I added you to my blog roll on my blog, as well. Love this blogging world :)

  5. I find I am so overwhelmed right now..followers and ads and people seem to like what we have to say! WOW!

  6. Wow! I totally agree. This is a great world when you can share and learn about other people and the things they deal with in life. There is so much that happens in life. I am new to blogging myself. I am so busy these days. I have a three year old and a one year old. They keep me going all of the time. I am excited to find out how blogging works. Who will care what I have to say? I hope someone. I believe you connect when you find real people. Thank you for inviting me to the park. I am already finding it an interesting place to be.