Thursday, April 30, 2009

Another Thursday

Well here we are again on this Thursday morning. It has become our weekly meeting day. Today we have two missing members Cathy and Louise have things that they can’t get out of so it’s just Carolin and me. The topics change from Swine Flu to The Mom Show, to family life, then to a school trip yesterday, and now as I am typing Carolin is ranting about how she hates kids because she is trying to have a bowl of cereal but her kids have picked and eaten all the berries out of the box. She is crunching beside me as I am telling her what I am writing about and she say’s “ I don’t know if I hate all kids, or only mine right now.” We are getting bored. We both don’t have jobs and we can’t watch TV because it’s somewhat broken and even if it wasn’t we could only get a few channels because Carolin has been to cheap to pay for cable for 13 years now! Wow really, I almost fell off my chair because I thought that it has only been two years since she canceled the cable. Wow poor kids know wonder they are eating just the berries from the cereal they have nothing better to do!!!!!!

Well we are just finishing our tea and yummy caramel apple cinnamon buns, when there is a knock at the door and low and behold Louise has shown up. We are now talking about working and what it will be like going back to work full time and then coming home to more work. Although we all want a job, well really we all need jobs for financial reasons we wonder if we can really do it all. Carolin had her hands full yesterday on a school trip and the conversation is funny and exhausting all at the same time. But the thought of being gone all day working then coming home to children, homework, dinner, laundry, evening activities, and listening to teenagers who seem to have one crisis after another, We all look at each other and think there just has to be another way.

Oh no back to Swine flu and Carolin is now educating us on the Jewish dietary laws and if we think the same way as Paris Hilton (who is reported as saying “I’m not worried about Swine flu because I don’t eat pork”) then anyone who doesn’t eat pork will be safe. Should they change the name Swine Flu to something else so that non-pork lovers understand that they can be infected too?

There are three caramel apple cinnamon buns left on the tray. We are going to sign off for now and eat our troubles away.

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  1. Besides apple cinnamom buns do you know what makes me very happy?
    The four of you! You are such good friends and you are so generous to share your friendship with us readers.