Thursday, April 23, 2009

American Idol double elimination

Well last night was disco night for the remaining 7 idols. Personally I found it to be a very boringl night I guess that disco just isn't my thing. Well as usual Adam was great.

Double elimination tonight but I don't think that anyone was disappointed at least I know that I wasn't. Lil and Anoop were eliminated. I like them both very much and I think that they are both very talented but for the time being I feel that the audience has made some good decisions so far.

Only 5 are left I wonder who will be fighting it out at the end? I think that it will be Adam and Danny. I would prefer it to be Adam and Matt but everyone really seems to like Gokey. Chris is good to but he's not one of my favourites and Allison is always a strong contender. Well we will see only 5 weeks left to the finale.


  1. I think Sierra will be voted off tonight but really wish it was Coach.

  2. Carolin you have the wrong program.
    Sunshine I thing you are right on. It will be a fight between Adam and Danny. I would choose Adam hands down.
    Allison is very good as well. Next week I think it will be Matt that goes.

  3. just cause I am the administrator of this blog doesn't mean I always know were I am or what I am doing. Hence the comment in the wrong spot.