Sunday, April 19, 2009

Adam and Eve go to BMO

Well yesterday we went to the bank. I had opened a knew account for myself last year to deposit all that money that I was going to make from my knew job. Well I quit my job after about one month. I saved all my hard earned cash for the month and opened a knew account for myself. They have been sending me monthly statement ever since. Yesterday my husband informed me that they have been billing our joint account over $2.00 a month for these statements that basically tell me that I have made .30 cents this past month. So we went to the bank to cancel the unnecessary statements. We ended up with a male teller probably in his early twenties. We explained the situation and he said that he would promptly change it so that we would no longer receive statements. At this point I asked him for a refund on my previous statements which I never asked to receive and be charged for in the first place. He said that he couldn't refund the entire 11 months but he agreed to 6 months ($12.00). He asked what account to post it to and I immediately said mine because I negotiated the refund to begin with and my husband immediately said the joint account because that's were the money was originally taken from. After a little bit of friendly bantering back and forth maybe only 3 seconds worth the teller said something .... He said, is this what marriage is like? I'm never getting married. He proceeds to go on saying that it is like Adam and Eve. First she takes his rib and then she feeds him the poison apple. I looked at him with a surprised look on my face and asked him if he had a girl friend and he said no. I said aha well that says a lot. He said that he had three older brothers that were all married and that was enought for him. I was originally so angry with my husband that he didn't say put the money in my wife's account and add another $20.00 on top of that. I soon realized that what I was really angry with was that this young man didn't see us as a shining example of a great marriage that he would like to someday have. I know that we have a great marriage. To all the young men out there marriage is about sharing, loving and laughter. If you really think of us women as the evil Eve portrayed by this young man then here is a huge tip for you. STAY BY YOURSELF, MARRIAGE IS NOT FOR YOU!!!!!!


  1. I worked for a bank for 18 years, and the one lesson I learned from that is to NEVER HAVE A JOINT ACCOUNT, EVER!!!!! Because, when some marriages fail (and yes, some do...they're not all wine and roses) it's always the poor bank teller or banking officer (that would have been me) stuck in the middle, playing negotiator!! Now, I probably wouldn't have actually mentioned Adam and Eve, as I did learn to use my inside voice A LOT, but I did constantly question what these couples always saw in each other (again, inside voice).

    And yes, I am a girl, and yes, I am currently single. And very, very happy, thank you very much.

  2. I agree with you Sunshine marriage is about Sharing,Loving and Laughing, but come on $12.00 bucks is $12.00 buck, good for you for standing up for money in your pocket.
    I also agree with a jiont bank accounts. It should be shared equally husbands deposit wives withdraw thats equality.

  3. Well….. I have read this blog twice and at first was not going to comment. But after some thought I figured if Sunshine and I were sitting in the kitchen having tea together I wouldn’t be able to keep my mouth shut and this is what this blog is supposed to like so here it goes.

    1. The two dollars a month was taken from the joint account so the refund goes back in the joint account.
    2. Sunshine’s account is her account and why did she have to have her husband point out that money was being taken out of their joint account. Sunshine should have noticed this when she read her monthly statements.
    3. It does not mater who negotiated the refund, as you are a couple, a unit, because you are married you are one!
    4. The teller was wrong for voicing his personal feelings regarding marriage. It was unprofessional of him.
    5. Eve never took a rib from him, as she did not exist yet. God created her not Adam.
    6. It was not a poison apple she is not the evil queen from snow white. It was fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.
    7. Why does it matter if Mr. Teller sees you and your husband as shinning example of marriage? Is it not more important that you two see each other as shinning marriage partners?

    I am sure after Sunshine reads this she will say “of course that’s Carolin, she never agrees with me” But for the record I do agree that Sunshine and her man have a marriage based on sharing, love and laughter and yes it is great!

  4. Wow,I think I really hit a nerve with this one. I told my husband that I was going to blog this and he was interested in who would take his side I was more interested in why this small amount of money was such an issue to begin with and why is money on a man's mind so much. When we dated he courted me for 5 years and my paying for even 1 dinner was never even an option because he really wanted to take care of it himself every time. I was also working and he still insisted on paying. So here we are 15 years later and I don't understand how this $12.00 even has a right to cause any impact on our life together what so ever. What's his is mine and what's mine is his anyway. The money that I have in my account I saved every penny for our families future needs the only money used from there so far has been to purchase a Fathers Day gift and a birthday gift for my husband. Gifts that he would not have purchase for himself but ones that he loves and that make life at home more relaxing for him after his long days at work. So, for me it was never about the $12.00 it was about the whole conversation related to the $12.00 and the big deal that was made about it. Money cannot rule our lives and I think that when we get that there are so many more deep and important impactful things in life that only then can we relax about money. I thank you all for your comments and my husband will be happy to know that there are people who agree with him and who really see his point. I'm glad for him to because I sure don't see his point at all.

  5. Well I must say that I find all of the comments interesting!! Sorry Sunshine I must agree with your husband as well.

  6. Well everyone I just can't seem to let this go. It's not about agreeing or disagreeing as a very wise woman reminded me today (Carolin) marriage is a covenant between you and your husband. Everything is for each other there is no me in marriage only a big resounding WE. Whose bank account is irrelevant because they are one and in the same.