Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Time!

Time to sow seeds and tidy the garden and plant and...and...!

I find this time of year very promising! It smells good. The soil is waking up and the world is greening. People emerge from hibernation, stretch and greet each other with smiles. There is hope, potential and positive energy.

Why is spring the beginning? Maybe a better description would be, ‘the awakening’. Whatever you want to call it, I’m glad it’s here. I feel better for it and ready to go! As a Christian, spring coinciding with Easter might have something to do with the good feeling. So, what to do with all this good feeling?

Well, as I said before – time to sow seeds and tidy the garden and plant and ...and...!


  1. Guessing you didn't wake up to snow today, as we did here in Cowtown!! Granted, it's all gone again, but it is Calgary...no planting till the May long weekend. Unless you have tons of money and wish to start all over again...

  2. Today was good but the rest of the week will be great. Expecting tempertures to be up to 17c. There will be no more snow in T O.