Wednesday, April 29, 2009

No more skunk under my porch

Well originally I had a skunk living under my porch. Your suggestions of rags soaked with ammonia unfortunately did not work as the skunk was still back the next day and the day after that. I called some places that could remove the skunk by placing a 1 way door by his/her point of entry so the skunk could get out but not back in. We would have to dig a trench and place wire mesh all around the cement step and the skunk or any other animal would get frustrated at not being able to re enter and leave and that would be the end of it. Unfortunately the cost for this was $350.00 for the 1 way door and $20.00 per square foot fro the trench digging and wire mesh. When my husband heard this he went ballistic. He just kept putting more and more rags with ammonia and even poured straight ammonia in that area. On Saturday we had my daughters Confirmation and I asked him he could please make the porch area look presentable for our guests so he filled in the whole and put the bricks back in their place. Well here we are on Tuesday evening and guess what 3 days later and no skunk. Well everyone thanks so much for all of your help because of you my skunk problem may be solved. Having a happy husband on top of that is a bonus.


  1. Woot, Woot, Now that you have saved $350.00, I think you can take half and go shopping!!!!!

  2. Its good to see Sunshine shinning again. You have a real smart husband. Now we know what motivates him (saving money) Way to go !!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello Sweetheart!!!

    "Ballistic" may be slightly embellishing my reaction, that said I'm not in the "blog" world thus obviously do not know what increases readership or sells magazines.

    Mommie, my wife has always known what motivates me and your correct money is very high on the list.

    Happy Friday and see I did read your commentary. Blog on!!

    Luv ya!!

  4. Wow, honey I had to read this twice. I can't believe that you actually red this and responded. You all much understand that my husband works a crazy amount of hours on a daily basis and I am always complaining about how he has no time for me. I also must admit that I often go overboard and ask him if he doesn't have time for me because he doesn't love me any more after 15 years. He always tells me that I'm crazy because he loves my very much. I know what a crazy busy week you have had and I just want to say "I Love You". Thanks for fitting me into your schedule. Your reply was just what I needed at this moment.
    Just for the record he did go ballistic as he always does when we talk about having to spend any amount of money what so ever.

  5. Enough Already, All this I Love You crap is enough to make the rest of us throw-up!