Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Something light for a change.....

Today is a much better day for me......I watched my oldest take home her 1st place ribbons, 1st in long jump, 1st in 100 metre and 1st in 100m relay!!!! I'm sunburnt and I feel like I did the running instead of her, but most importantly I'm not really that sad today. Don't get too excited yet! I have had days like this before, and then felt awful later in the week, but I have to say it feels really good!!!
I find I have alot of time to think, and sometimes that's a great thing, but I have to be honest it's also so draining. I would rather have lots of people around to keep me distracted and hopefully when I start work that will do it for me.
I'm just wondering if people can actually get used to being alone? Do you think that happens? I mean some people don't know any different, but if you used to have lots of friends and family and a busy social life and then things slow right down, do you get used to it? I know our life changes all the time, but when things happen and you one day open your eyes and find yourself totally in a different and foreign place, do you learn to adapt? I know everything takes time, but do you actually change to what's going on in your life?
I'm asking because I know we have all different kinds of readers or followers(friends would be a much better term) I just thought who better to ask. Also I would like to say Thank you to all our friends that have followed our happy and sad stories, just knowing somebody is listening makes some things a little easier to bear..........
Like I said I'm really interested to hear anyone and everyone's opinion.


  1. Yes louise we can adapt to all most anything. The hardest thing for most people is change. Change of any kind.
    You feel alone but really you are not you have the kids, your family and good friends. By the way congradulations to your daughter!
    I raised 4 kids and was very involved in many things. Also I had 2 failed marriages. Change was always in the forfront of my life. Now I live alone in my own apartment. I do not feel alone. Over the years I developed a real good friend that I like spending a lot of time with. that friend is ME. I truly enjoy my own company. Start developing that friend in you.
    I do keep active with painting lessons, my sunshine group, sewing, and socializing with family. I also go out to places like museums, art gallery, parks, historical sights and the island.
    When you have time to think, think of what you really like to do and make plans to do it. Treat yourself well.

  2. Being alone can sometimes be hard because you can only rely on yourself to pick yourself up and do something rather than just do nothing. I do agree with what Mommie said that feeling at home with just yourself is a sort of a gift to you. You are and can be very good company for yourself. I think its being relaxed enough to appreciate it and not let it freak you out so much. I know that when my sister lost her husband she was so afraid of being alone and now many years later she loves her alone time. She finds it very peaceful and even looks forward to it. I think that it relaxes her and rejuvenates her. For me, I have had much alone time since the girls are in school full time. It was hard at the beginning and I had to find myself again but now I really do like it.