Saturday, June 13, 2009

5 Easy Native Plants for your Garden

1. Black-eyed Susan- blooms summer to fall/partial shade to full sun

2. Purple coneflower- blooms summer to fall/partial shade to full sun

3. Lance-leaved Coreopsis- blooms summer/full sun

4. Bee Balm- blooms early to mid-summer/partial shade to full sun

5. Ferns- non-blooming/shade

The above 5 plants are all native to North America. This means they were growing here all on their own before we came. Native plants are great to grow in your garden because they are already adapted to the growing conditions here and when established need little effort from us. All but the ferns are great bloomers and will fill in your flower border easily.
A great website to visit is listed below. They have great photographs and give solid information on each plant.
All photos above were taken from Wikipedia with the following permissions:
-Black-eyed Susan, Coreopsis, Bee Balm and Fern photo used under the GNU Free Documentation License.
-Purple Coneflower photo used under the Creative Common Attribution ShareAlike- author, 'Hedwig Storch'


  1. Thanks Cathy, I may try some of your suggestions, currently I don't have any of these native plants in my garden.

  2. Cathy you impress me with your computer skills. How you get pitures off one sight and put them on the blog just baffles me. Way to go girl!
    My fovorite flower is a pink peony, it use to be multi color porchalata. They both grow well in this climate. Peonys are perinnuals and porchalatan are annuals.And thats my Blooming oppinion. Love Mommie