Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell to Farrah Fawcett

Well yesturday the world lost another very famous and iconic in her own way person, Farrah Fawcett. Only a few short days ago I saw a segment where her long term partner of 25 years, Ryan O'neal was talking about how he once again asked the love of his life, Farrah to marry him once again and this time she said yes. Ryan said that she was fighting for her life and when he was asked when the marriage would take place I remember him saying that it would be as soon as she could say even a few words to him. I wonder if his request was ever granted. Everytime I saw anything about the couple, they seemed to be so in love.

I am sure that most of us remember Farrah as one of Charlie's beautiful angels on the TV show Charlie's Angels. Farrah instantly became famous.

Farrah contracted rectal cancer in 2006 and lost the battle yesterday at age 62.

I still remember watching her in very powerful movie on TV called The Burning Bed. It was a tragic story but her acting in this movie was incredible and she made the character so believable.

Farrah Fawcett, a beautiful person both inside and out, she will be missed.

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  1. It is such a sad and painful way to die. However Farrah Fawcett set the bar high as to going though hell with dignity and streanght.
    My father has been dead for almost twenty years now and I still remember how much he liked Farrah. If he was not a grandfather I am sure he would have hung her poster in his bedroom much to my mothers shigrin.
    They say that her poster was the best selling poster of all times. I was does in very good taste. Not like today where they only have a string up the crack of there butt.
    Life such a mistery!!!
    Love You