Monday, June 8, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Me

What were you doing 24 years ago today? Can you remember 24 years ago? Let me help refresh your memory, it was a Saturday, and in our part of the world it was a beautiful sunny day. We were all much younger, I was just a mere 19 years old! Well if you haven’t’ figured it out yet, 24 years ago today I got married. I am sure there were many at that wedding that thought it wouldn’t last. But so far we have proved them wrong! My most vivid memory of that day was my Grandfather walking me down the isle and the whole time whispering to me “you know you don’t have to do this, you can change your mind, its not to late to turn around”. I can laugh at that now but at the time I remember being totally freaked out. Thinking does he know something I don’t? My Grandfather was such a brave man that day, he did all that he needed to do, was where he needed to be and held up amazingly well considering my grandmother had died only a week earlier.

Married for 24 years, that seems like it is sooooo old. My ‘at the park’ friends laugh and talk about next year when ‘the husband’ and I celebrate our 25, silver anniversary. Sunshine says she will start scouring second hand shops looking for a 25 anniversary platter. No Thank You, but some new towels would be nice.

Some of asked what we plan to do to mark this year’s milestone.
So here are the big plans I will get up get the kids ready for school, he will drive the little one, then he will come home and watch Regis and Kelly like he does everyday. We might go out for lunch, depending on if we have a coupon or not. (we did go out for lunch and yes we used a coupon) I will then get some platters of food ready to take to the school for a meeting where the department heads will discuss many things including my proposal for food service. I want to have food there to help bribe them! When the kids get home from school ‘the teenager’ will go to work for a couple of hours and I will try not to fight with the little one over homework. Hopefully by eight o’clock I can start to get ‘the little one’ to bed, and then ‘the teenager’ will be home and we will discuss her music exam which she had today and work on a project she is doing for the staff at her work. Sound romantic enough for you all?


  1. Happy Happy Happy Aniversary
    I will admit that I had forgotten. But what I haven't forgotten is what a beautiful Bride you where. You looked absolutely wonderful. Your entire wedding party was stunning and there was a large wedding party. How many, 16 was it. That was a fabulous day for me. I was sooooooooo proud of you, Danny was good too. I still look through the 300 wedding pictures occasionally.
    I think he also said to Sue that it was not to late to change her mined while walking her down the aisle. As opposed to me, he said "its about time".
    Just think when he walked me down the aisle he was younger then you are now. He was a kid and I was a baby. Can you imagine Alex gatting married in two years.
    Happy Times Happy Aniversary

  2. Yesterday 'the husband' did ask me if Grandpa said the same thing to any of the others! And I trying to kill me 'the teenager' isn't even old enough to walk home when it is dark outside! Think it might be time to let go abit?

  3. Happy Anniversary to you and hubby Carolin. What an amazing accomplishment. I really hope that you are both planning something a little extra special for the big one next year. Any couple making it through for such a long time and living to tell the tail with grace and happiness is so amazing. You are an inspirations for us all and a great example to follow. May you have endless years of happiness together.