Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer has officially begun (in our house)

The teenager wrote her last exam back on Thursday and has been on my phone ever since. So if anyone out there is trying to phone me, be patient I will have my phone back after this weekend. We are driving two and half ours east to drop the teenager off for a month at camp this Friday. This is her second year working at camp as a counselor and lifeguard. I am sure the month will wiz by for us and be slow for her as she will have no contact with the boyfriend the whole time she's gone. Unless of course they decide to write letters and mail them the old fashion way, not sure if teenagers know what a stamp is anymore.

I went to the little ones school a little early today so I could watch the buses. At her school they have a last day of school tradition. All of the elementary children load on to the buses (regardless if you regularly ride the school bus or not). All the teachers, staff and parents then watch and wave as the buses ride around the parking lot honking there horns with kids cheers being heard from the windows. The buses do this ‘round about’ six or seven times then come to a stop and the unbused kids get off. There is much laughing, waving and cheering. But for me I always end up with a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. I just don’t like goodbyes I guess.

So grade eleven was done last week, and now grade three is done. Besides the teenager going to camp for a month we have know plans for the summer. I was hoping to be working. I went for an interview yesterday at an educational toy store and the manager said they would be making a decision that night. I have waited all day for a phone call but nothing, so guess I’ll cross that opportunity off the list.

I have heard more then once (more like a dozen times) that I need to be patient and keep giving it up to God. I am told that God has a plan for me and I need to be open to his plan. Well God here it is, what is the plan? If you have been telling me or showing me what your plan is then I have been either deaf or blind cause I am not getting it.

So GOD would you please speak to me in a loud voice using simple words and can you draw me a really big picture cause I don’t know what you want from me! I don’t know what you want me to do!

P.S. God, you should be able to get a word in edgewise as I woke up this morning with no voice.


  1. Wow Carolin you seem really wound up today. Did you ever think that you are right now and have been for the past 10 months doing exactly what God planned for you to be doing? You have finally after many many years had time to spend with your family, visit with friends spend time as one of the creators of this blog and explore what the perfect job means to you not to mention in there a lot of self discovery and relaxation. Be patient, you don't always need to have a plan for the day. Enjoy where you are today and be thankful for the freedom to do what ever you want at this stage of your life (well at least what ever you want that does not require a lot of money). Look at it this way, you can go to the library as much as you want. You can catch up on old movies or read books that you have been wanting to read. You can talk all day with family and friends and visit when ever you want. You were able to go to any school related function (by yourself) that you wanted to and you can spend every waking and sleeping moment with your home bound husband. You have been able to go to any Winterlicious and Summerlicious restaurants as many times as you would like. I know what about finances? Well the finances will come but they won't come any easier just because you decided to be miserable about everything else.

  2. Do I understand this right? You have time to do anything you like. Well, try to make yourself like visiting your Mother. You me and the princess can go to Pioneer village. The place that you Love. My treat!
    Sunshine is right stop freating and enjoy the wonderful summer. God has his plan all worked out and you keep trying to get him to change him mind and conform to your plan. BACK OFF.
    Do you think you have to be busy to be worth while?? Well you do not. Do as your Mother says and relax and breath calmly. Love You Mommie