Wednesday, June 24, 2009

John and Kate plus 8 (what happened)

I watched an episode of John and Kate plus 8 that was promoted as a special episode. I had heard roomers of trouble between the couple from friends. On tonight's episode John and Kate announced that they will be separating. In fact on June 22 nd the separation papers were filed. I don't really know what happened as they did not discuss the circumstances on this episode. It seems to be more John's decision then Kate's from what I could gather. Does anyone have knowledge of what actually happened?

Regardless of the circumstances, I feel really bad for the kids. John and Kate both say that they are doing what ever they need to do for the kids. I don't know, wouldn't staying together and working towards healing their marriage through counselling and what ever else could be helpful be the best thing that they can do for their children? What do you do when I partner will not talk or agree to go and get help but feels that separation is the only way to solve the issue?

Kate said that John would not speak to her. She said that he refuses to have the conversation with her about why he is so angry with her.

John says that Kate has always been in control and that she is very organized and very good at it but that he did not like being constantly told what to do. He says the he is finally standing his ground and that he feels good about it.

It's all very confusing to me or maybe not considering the fact that there are 8 little children involved who anyone who has children knows take over your lives until they reach a certain age.

I think that most people panic at some point when they have small children and feel as though they loose themselves and a bit of who they once were. In John and Kate's case those feelings are times 8.

Maybe if they could know that some of these feelings are totally normal they would be able to weather the storm. Every marriage takes work and has its own ups and downs but giving up on each other is the worst thing that either partner can do.

I hope that John and Kate can figure some of this out and be a family for their children and be there for each other because right now they sure look pretty sad and its clear that they are both hurting.

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  1. Again Sunshine I do not watch that program. However here is my opinion when one partner refuses to go for councilling.
    The other partner will try everything to keep the marriage together. When there is a total brake down in comunications, the wedge between them gets larger. To the point that the one trying to fix it will finally give up. That spouce will be blamed for the brake up because they gave up.
    The one that does the least talking seams like the good one. Even when they left the marriage emotionally and communitively years ago.Passive Aggessive behaviour is very distructful and totally untrustworthy.
    Finally the one that tryed fixing the marriage is left alone. They soon realize that life is far better without the daily struggle. They wonder why they did not do it years ago. Yes,with bitterness in there heart, but happy the battle is over.
    Love You Mommie