Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Internet friend or foe?

I am on my computer more now then I have every been since I stopped my computer work many many years ago. Some parts of it I enjoy such as this blog but most of the time it really frustrates me. I find that when I am looking for something very specific I have an extremely hard time finding it easily or otherwise. Usually after hours of searching, I simply give up. I have found somethings at home Sense that seem to be a good buy but I try to research to see what these items would be if bought in the real world. One was an original painting by a Canadian artist and the other is a mosaic patio set which I have been back to look at 4 times now. I have pictures that I have taken with my cell phone and I have the web sites and names of the manufacturers which I have written down at the store. After house of endless searching I have come up empty handed. I can find the manufacturer and am informed about the product but no where can I find a price for anything even remotely close to what I am looking for. Why can't I just punch in the information that I am looking for and actually get a quick answer?


  1. I don't think 'they' really want us to know how much things really cost. I think we would be suprised to see how much mark up there is on items and if you found out how much it cost to manufacture, you probably would not want to purchase it for retail. Good Luck!

  2. Cost is one of the hardest things to find on the net. I agree with Cathy the manufacture does not want to anounce the price. I have in the past found retail prices for a few items.
    You usually get a good price at home sence. However it is good to know prices in general.