Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Bachelorette

Does anybody out there watch the Bachelorette? I just started watching a few weeks ago. She is a Canadian girl from Vancouver. In last nights episode they visited Lake Louise and Banff in Calgary. What amazing scenery it was so beautiful.... I haven't watched those shows (the bachelor and the bachelorette) in so long but now but I think that I'm hooked. For anyone who does watch the rose ceremony was painful. I can't believe that she kept that creepy Wes over Jake. I don't know what she is thinking. Can she really be that bad at judging someones character?

Next week she visits the families and home towns (I think that they are all from the states)of the five remaining men. I hope that Jillian has not made a big mistake in keeping some of her choices.

Good luck Jillian we will be watching.


  1. Good afternoon Sunshine.
    I do not watch the bachelorette. However I do agree with the fact that the scenery in the mountians is fabulous. No picture does it justice. When standing in the vast openess your life struggles drift away, leaving you calm and content. ILove it out west. Love Mommie

  2. While I appreciate that everyone loves the scenery shown last night (and the mountains are amazingly beautiful) I feel the need to point out that Banff and Lake Louise are not IN Calgary. They are completely separate towns about a 2 hour drive west of Calgary - even the foothills are an hour away.
    BTW, I do not watch/enjoy shows like the Bachelor/Bachelorette, because all that ABC is telling me with these shows is that if "beautiful, funny, and successful" people can't find love, a "normal" woman such as myself is S.O.L!!!!! "Reality" my butt!!