Friday, June 26, 2009

Farewell to Michael Jackson

As I am sure that most of you have already heard, Michael Jackson passed away yesterday from what is reported to have been heart failure. Wow, I must say that I was shocked when I heard the news. In the evening some shows refered to him as the king of pop and the worlds greatest entertainer. They say that there will never be another video released which will supersede Thriller in terms of numbers ever again. He was an amazing entertainer and his legend I think will be similar to that of Elvis's in terms of never being forgotten. I believe that he will be remembered and talked about forever. I was also surprised to know that he was 50 years old. Michael appears to have led a very exciting but also sad and lonely life. I guess that fame can be a great thing but in Michael's case his life changed so drastically that maybe it wasn't such a great thing.

He was a child star who led a very eccentric life. From marrying the king of rock and rolls daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, to the implications of some pretty serious scandals to his disease that turned his skin white, Michael had a lot more on his plate then most of us do.

Farewell to the king of pop. The world will miss his talent.

To view the video thriller click below...........

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  1. It does not matter what age you are Micheal Jackson appealed to everyone. I talked to my youngest daughter today. She was a complete Micheal fan. Yes the red leather jacket and white sparkly glove and all. She went to see him live in Buffel New York and when he finally came to Toronto she had front row seats. She told me when she was young that she was going to marry Micheal Jackson.
    My personal favorite album was Back and White. He will be rememberd as long as we live.
    Love you Mommie