Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Thursday at the park

Good morning fellow benchers,

I know its not Thursday, but Louise has a class trip tomorrow so we are meeting today. Today is Cathys birthday but she is at her sons school for something or other. What is new this past week, well let see. I am still waiting for word on my proposal, the school board meeting was last night and hopefully I will hear something this afternoon. Last night my husband and I went to go see Tyler Perry's Marriage Counslor. It was opening night last night and over all it was good. We have been together for about a hour but Louise was on the computer trying to fill out work related emails.

Louise and Sunshine are talking about a former neighbour and that she got a new job. This former neighbour would like to get together tomorrow night for dessert or something. Dessert, I 'm in. Now we are talking about birth control. It seems the pill is prescribed for more then just what we would think. Sunshine has heard that it can be prescribed for headaches. Some how the pill can even help regulate stress and mood swings. Cool!

Sunshine is talking about plans for this weekend. I asked what is this weekend. Seems its Fathers Day, oops I forgot, I better go do some shopping. I hate all these commercial holidays. My thing is you have to buy the gift cause society says I have to, instead of giving me a gift cause you want to give a gift. About Father's Day, I don't think that the occassions have to necessarily be about gifts. Its more about the appreciation of a special someone in your life. It could be your father, your husband, your brother or a great friend who is a great dad. My husband and I don't really exchange gifts on most of these occasions even birthdays. A card is just as heart felt as a gift and its enough to know that we are appreciated.

Another old nieghbour has just showed up. How are you Layting, long time no see? Louise and Sunshine are sitting and catching up with Layting. I remember when I first met Layting way back when her oldest son was a small baby, and now his is just completing his second year of high school. Her second son is the same age as my and Sunshine youngest daughters. Also Louise middle son is the same age. The nieghbourhood would laugh back in 2000 when we all still lived on the same block, there were 13 babies born that year! Her son is in karate and I think that it is so cool. I ask Carolin if she would be interested in getting her black belt with me. But as usual Carolin turns me down. She says that she would rather go to Winners and buy a black belt.

Sunshine just told me about summerliscious July 3 to 19th. Now I am excited, great restaurants, yummy food, and amazing prices. Sunshine and I did this back in the winter during the winterliscious and it was fun. Just talking about it is making me hungry. We should start to make some plans and do we take the kids with us?

Carolin is so crazy sometimes. She doesn't want to talk about the job opportunity in fear of jinksing herself but in the same breath she feels that she will be bought out by some big conglomerate in the future and be the CEO of an incrdible company or she will be on her yaught somewhere recieving faxes on her satellite boat telling her how much she has made for the week. What a great dream. I wonder will she remember us little guppies when she is a big fish in the ocean.
Now that just funny, me the Queen of the muffin and egg salad sandwich!

Is society to sensitive when it comes to our kids in the school and what should be made available to them. Are our kids so much more unhealthy because of the school and what is provided food wise? I don't think so. I think that kids are not getting fat from the treats that they are given at a birthday party at school. We have heard of parents who are becomming bullies in the school angry because there are some not so healthy things being allowed in the classroom. Isn't it our job to police our own children. Isn't packaged food and inactivity the problem anyways. I watched an episode of Jamie Oliver and his quest in England to transform the school and make real food as oppposed to packaged food. He is trying so hard and some of the transformation was successful and other parts were not and he is still working on it. It is a long process and the profit margins are not the same and it comes down to convincing the school board to be happy with smaller profits and happier, healthier and more productive children. It is an issue that is so worth it but the whole world needs to transform piece by piece to make it successful. And most important is the school boards in business to make money or educate children. Aslong as the cafeterias are not losing money then real, fresh, unprocessed food should be number one. Take the deep fryers out of the schools!

Carolin would like to provide healthy, fresh food at the school and is desperatelly trying to find a way to make this feasable. We wish her the best of luck.

Cathy we miss you, Happy Birthday (love Sunshine)

Cathy Happy, Happy birthday.......We hope your having a wonderful day!!!!!!
Are you having noodles tonight???? I don't mean that in any other way then it sounds!!! ha ha
We all know Cathy and YES she will be having Noodles in all the ways we are thinking!

Just as we were getting ready to leave, the subject of last weeks menu planning came up and both Sunsine and Louise have been following it! Yea for them. Keep up the good work ladies, now I have to go and figure something out for dinner.


  1. Hey there!!! Did you miss me??? Yes, it's noodles for dinner! Thai noodles this time! How did you guess? It's been a good day so far, was at the kid's elementary school, (which neither of them attend now), for a few hours this morning. Both boys were there as well. The older one walked over from high school after his exam. They both helped out in the office and also did odd jobs around the school. We then went for lunch at 'Timmy's'. After, we went to Humber to by 7 red rosies, (fish), for my deck pond. We will be going for dinner later as I will not be cooking or cleaning today!!!!!

    It's my birthday, I'm 30 yet again!!!

    Hey, I'm glad the menu plans are working out!

    Wow, it's just like I was there!
    Ciao, for now.

  2. Happy Birthday Cathy!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your bithday is going well and it will only get better.
    Sounds like you ladies are enjoying the day, good for you. I'm so proud of you that most of the blog is about food. My kind of girls.
    LOVE YOU Mommie
    PS can't seam to get the (select profile ) to work anymore.

  3. I gotta say, its nice to finally see the "real park" from the neighbourhood

  4. This blog reminds me of a certain show about nothing!!!

    Any fans of that show about "nothing"?

    So what is all the worry about have men on this blog? Men...."f" them all!!!