Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mish Mash

Well everyone I was very busy the last three days and I have not even had a chance to really sit and enjoy the blog. Since Saturday I have spent a lot of time at the walk in clinic, the hospital and then the family doctor's office. Everything is OK and everyone is really well. Sometimes there are just mistakes made that have you chasing your own tail and send you for a tail spin but in the end everything is great. Now back to the blog.

I just wanted to let everyone know that I missed them and our blog and thanks to Cathy, Carolin and Louise for keeping things going for our readers.

Hay by the way does anyone watch the bachelorette? I caught a bit of it yesterday and it was really good.

I also had another question for all of you Home Sense shoppers, do you feel that the merchandise that they sell is of good quality or not?


  1. First of all you were at hospital and walk-in. Whats going on and who was sick?

    Next Home Sense. I have said this before I think the quality is crap. I have bought many plates (dinner) there cause they do have really nice looking stuff at great prices. But the plates chip when you look at them. Not one plate does not have a chip on them. I have lots of plates from many different places and the HS ones are chipped while the others don't have anything.
    Also recently I bought new bedding for my bed. The sheet set was $70.00 and the bottom sheet is pilling!!!! By the second night of sleeping on the sheets I noticed the pilling. Just Crap! I think when you shop there you have to be very picky adn relize that it is for show only and not expect to have it for long.

  2. Hey Sunshine! Did it have to do with that pain you had last week?

  3. I like home sense. I have not bought a lot from them but what I have bought has been good. I do agree that in some cases there china can chip easy. I have a teapot I bought a year ago that has a crackline around the spout but no chips. I use it many times everyday.
    I like that they have unusual items. I tend to buy when it is on sale.
    Happy Health to you.