Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Is it really June?

I can remember going to school in June and wearing shorts and tee-shirts and it was so hot that the teachers would hold the classes outside just to catch a little breeze! As is was the end of the school year most of the curriculum had been taught so the school day was more casual than before.

What's going on????

Now I'm a mom, and up to last year the month of June was an average 30 degrees Celsius and the kids came home from school hot and drained.

So far this year the weather reminds me of when I lived in Calgary. There, if you didn't like the weather, wait two minutes and it will change. No consistency or maybe all the variety of weather is in itself, consistent.

When will the 'consistent' warm summer weather arrive?


  1. They say we are having globle warming. I beg to differ. If it truely was globle warming we would have consistent waring of the wheather but as we can see that is just not happening. Your right about Calgary, when my daughter woke up last Sat June6th there was 10 cen. of snow on the ground.
    I also am waiting for the warmer wheather. Well summer is to startin 12 days lets see what happens then.

  2. It was so cold today and I am starting to wonder when pool weather will begin. Let's all hope that its sooner rather then later. Calgary weather was like something out of the Twilight zone when we were there for the summer many years ago. Mind you now in our own home town we sometimes have our own Twilight zone weather. Only 13 more days of school left, it better warm up soon.

  3. I remember driving to the Calgary Stampead in the middle of a snow storm! By the time we got to stampead we then had massive thunderstorms and by the time we left that night it was clear and beautiful. The crazyiest weather I have ever seen.