Friday, October 14, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all! Just sitting here beside my girlfriend, Carol. watching a CFL- Argos vs Stampeders game. Carol is in town to run in the ScotiaBank Toronto Marathon this Sunday. We have been doing a lot to prepare for the run. We have spent many hours in grocery stores planning menus and coming home to cook and enjoy! After picking her up at the airport, we went to have some Pho (Vietnamese noodle soup). Thursday, we went to our favourite grocery store, Oceans, and shopped and shopped. We had Dim Sum and Roti and Carol purchased more of her favourite mango coconut curry sauce. This morning I made Saltfish and Akee with toasted hard dough bread. We made pizza for dinner and are now sitting watching the football game. Argos are up by 8, but Calgary just intercepted the ball. (Sunshine) It all sounds like a lot of fun. Best of Luck Carol.

Ladies, I am going to e-mail you my new work schedule which is effective Nov. 15th. I am on a rotating schedule so the e-mail will help figure out when I'm off. Carolin, I am good to help you on the Sat. Nov. 5th. What do I need to wear??? (Carolin) I haven't put the quote in yet as I am waiting for info from the planner. But I do have conformation for this years ACSI teacher convention. Nov 3 and 4th (day time) I am looking for staff for these two days. Depending on your availability would determine where I put you. Window for walk up orders, Serve private luncheon for 50, snack table, Runner etc. Plus I have another confirmed day long snack and lunch for 100 Sat. Feb 4 2012.

Sunshine, here is the link for the art classes: Let me know if you need anymore info. Thanks so much Cathy.

Not much new this week. Just work work and more work. We have a dinner dance thing that we are going to tomorrow night with all of my family. My dad would like the whole family to attend so will all be together tomorrow night. Boogie your little heart out girl!

Another week down. Like Sunshine work is work, The school hosted a World Concerns Conference on Thursday and it was crazy busy. So glad that day is over.

We are having a problem with our new kitten. He uses the litter box but he also has been peeing in the Teenagers Room (hehe) and the bed in the spare room. So far because he is small the mess is small and hasn't made it to the mattress but I don't know what to do about it beside the obvious (get rid of him). The rest of the family wont go along with me on that option. Any advice?

Also (Cathy you will love this) I woke up around 3:00 this morning and at first thought the cat had peed on me as the front of my pj's were all wet. But know it wasn't pee but sweat from me, I was hot and had to take the blankets off for a while as well as my wet pj's. The window was open a little, perhaps I had my first night hot flash? This has never happened before were my clothes are wet. Very strange, maybe it was just a lot of drool :)

The weather has really changed the last few days. Fall is definitely in the air. I really don't have much more to say at the moment, so talk to you all next week. I find this very hard to comprehend!

Have a good week!!

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  1. Hey Carolin, welcome to my world! It's not fun and I find that the sweats wake me many times throughout the night. The blankets on again, off again starts to become a pain and you get even more tired from broken sleep! I hope for you this was a one off night!!!