Friday, September 2, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Wow! Here we are at the last weekend of the summer! I have to admit that this is not my favourite weekend. I enjoy having the kids around, (even if I complain about the mom taxi thing, lol!) One thing that we do look forward to is actually getting together with all of us ladies and our families. We have been getting together every labour day weekend for about four years now, I think. When summer starts we always think we have so much time to see each other and get together and go places. Summer is only eight weeks long. (Really six weeks if you factor in the end of school stuff and the back to school stuff.) I am always amazed at how fast time keeps flying by. One must really live each day to the fullest! Is that even possible? How can you live each day to the fullest without being selfish? When would we sleep?

Well, ladies, how does two o'clock this Sunday sound? Will there be a Risk rematch? What about Rumoli or Phase 10? The weather is up and down for Sunday, but, we'll still have a good time!

(Carolin) I got the craziest phone call from Cathy this week. It was after dinner and I was washing dishes, I pick up the phone only cause I forgot to look at the call display as I was enjoying myself singing to my new Barbra Streisand CD. Cathy is on the other end and she is in a snit ( I know this as there was no chit chat). She asks me to tell her if I think she is a 'know it all'. I asked her where this was coming from and after I repeated the question a few times she finally says "she is having an argument with her husband". I then told her I refuse to get in the middle and would not answer the question. She got even more mad, so not only was she mad at her husband now she is in a snit with me.

So why did I not answer the question you ask. If I agreed with her husband and said "yes she is a know it all" She would then be mad at both of us and if I answered "no". Then the husband would say "well of course Carolin would say that she is a women and your friend" So I felt I was dammed if I did or not. Also we would all be getting together this weekend and I didn't want to be involved in their fight, I just want to show up eat and drink, maybe have a few laughs. NO DRAMA! I have enough with my own family Thank you very much.

Also bloggers between you and me I didn't want to talk on the phone as I was enjoying myself washing the dishes and sing the duet 'You don't bring me flowers' with Babs.

(Cathy) So, that's why you didn't answer the question!!! I knew you would answer as you did and that's why I called you. I needed some, how do you say, time to count to ten to put things back into perspective!!!! Things are good now with everyone so no need to worry about anything but having a good time on Sunday.

Where is Sunshine??? (Sunshine) Sorry ladies I forgot it was Friday yesterday, so I forgot to blog. Cathy and Carolin you both make me laugh and I am looking forward to seeing everyone tomorrow. This week Mr Sunshine has been off for most of the week on vacation and he has been working on putting hardwood floor in our bedroom. The prep work is almost done but I will be impressed if we can get back into our bedroom by the end of the month. It is a really big job. As for school and work all I can say is NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.........

Have a safe weekend, everyone!

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