Friday, November 11, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all. Every year on Remembrance Day I try to participate in some way. This year I was home so I watched the ceremonies on the television. I cannot make it through without crying. The Silver Cross Mother always breaks my heart and this year was no different. How I wish life were different. Hopefully, one day.
(Sunshine) I am glad that we have a dedicated day to reflect and remember. There is talk about it becoming a statutory holiday in the future. I hope that this happens as I know that it is a difficult day for so many people.
This year again our older son played, "The Last Post" and "Rouse" for a local elementary school's Remembrance Day's ceremony. We are so proud! That's really special. (Carolin) Remembrance Day is a very special day. The little one's school does such a moving tribute to the lost and all who have sacrificed for our freedom. Sunshine, I don't agree (surprised); I don't think it should be a holiday. I don't think the government, banks and postal workers should have the day off either. I feel if it was a holiday it would end up losing its powerful meaning. Because the kids are at school they are learning about the sacrifice that was made for them. I know most of them are bored but perhaps as they grow up there will be a nugget that they will keep in their heart about what was lost so they can be free. If we had a Statutory holiday most of us would be doing many other things then what the day really is for. I agree with Carolin, if it were a holiday so many people (kids) would not even give the day a thought. This way we have their attention each and every year.

On to another topic. Yesterday, after careful consideration, I cut off all of the old relaxed hair on my head and wow is it short and curly. I love it! I feel so good and when I look at myself in the mirror I see someone I have never met before! Hubby really likes it too!! I can't wait to see it. I love the way your natural hair looks.

Oops, I just looked at the time. I have to go and pick up the Older One from school. I will be back!

This week has been very busy. I put a lot of miles on my car looking for a job and handing in resumes and meeting with people. I was given an offer to start on Monday in one of the high schools and I went and met with the manager and the girls who work there. It is a really nice operation but I declined the job because of the distance. It took me over half an hour to get to the location and it is so far north that driving those country roads in winter would be very challenging. If I was offered more per hour I would definitely consider it but at that hourly wage it just doesn't make sense. I think that I need to stop stressing about finding a job and start enjoying my time off. Christmas is coming and I am lucky to be home. It's so hard to change my mentality and to be OK with staying home now that I have been working again for over two years. I feel guilty at not bringing in an income but at the same time it angers me to know that in certain industries adults (even with a plethora of experience) are being paid minimum wage or something close to that for an honest days work. In the food service industry in particular, unless you are at the top, you are paid a very meager salary. I blame it on the government. Minimum wage has to increase across the board so that employers are forced to pay a higher wage. Every job in society is important and is to be respected. Emergency personnel who work all sorts of hours should be given more money but the rest of the population who do the day to day jobs, we all deserve a decent salary. I think it is best if I don't comment. Well, I have many thoughts with that, especially as a unionized employee who has not had a wage increase in over ten years.

The little one and I had our hair done today using my Wagjag coupon I bought a couple of months ago. $19.00 for a wash, deep conditioning, cut and style. Not bad eh! Hubby said you did something with a coupon at a salon. Was it at a salon you have been to before? Will you go back? Did you cut off all of your hair like I did?

I have been in Christmas mode lately, I copied all my CD's on the computer and is one step closer to getting them on my iPod. I have been in conversation (text) with the sister in law getting the husband's side dinner get together organized. And I heard that just 20 minutes north of us had SNOW! I of course am still wearing my hoodie. I wonder how much longer I can push it before I need to get the winter coat out. All I can say is at 4:45am it is very cold out! 

Have a great weekend everyone!

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