Friday, December 9, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all, it's Friday again! How was everyone's week? I have to work both Saturday and Sunday this weekend. My first time ever! Oh well. I still have to get the dinner thing sorted out. (Carolin)Why do YOU have to get dinner sorted out while you are at work? Your kids are not babies anymore they can figured it out on there own Cathy. We had pancakes and leftover stew for dinner the other night?? It was kinda good. (Sunshine) It was a challenging week. Mr Sunshine has been gone all week long and the girls have been taking turns being sick and I have been working and training and today I was feeling sick as well. I am ok with the flu and even the stomach flu but when out of the blue I fell like I am on a ship with big waves and I need to hold onto something it really freaks me out. Hopefully you feel better. Again where are you working?

Carolin, how did your week go? I hope you have a free day or night coming up soon so we can have a ladie's night out. Your comments last week hit home and I agree with you. We ladies are too wrapped up in our little lives and we need to physically see each other and have a good gab fest. Any news from the school front? I am up for getting together. I miss it all very much. I find it very sad that many of the things that we use to do routinely are now gone, ie. ladies night, Cookie exchange, etc. But I guess life has its twists and turns so although I feel that we try to keep past traditions going inevitably we have had to give in on letting things go. The next two weeks the husband is on afternoons so I don't have the freedom as much. I have next Friday night free but will have the little one with me more then likely. A evening during the week is to hard for me.

It has been a weird week with the principal. There has been NO mention of my email sent to him Sunday night. But he has come by to introduce me some IT guy and his son who are doing upgrades with the schools networks? Also I found a Christmas card in my work mailbox from him thanking me for all I do. Very strange indeed. Not sure if I am being set up for a slaughter or what.

I have a busy couple of weeks at work to get through and then I will very much enjoy my break. I have a Banquet to cater on the 19th for 80 people and hope to get alot of the prep done nex week so the Monday day and evening run smoothly. Also I am makeing and packaging up 600 cookies in 1 dozen bags for a Charity in the city to hand out to the needy. I would like to get them all baked next week and the Teenager will come in next Tuesday and bag them all. By the way she turns 20 in a few weeks so I guess I need to come up with another name for her.

Hey Sunshine, how did work go this week? Have you been given a schedule yet? Work was good. I am on a day to day schedule for now. The deliveries that are suppose to be scheduled to come in on a certain day at a certain time don't always get there so my schedule changes daily. When I left on Friday the assistant manager told me that the manager will call me this weekend to tell me when to come in next week. Are you enjoying this job so far and hopefully they will give you a schedule so you can plan around it. The Teenager is working in retail (seasonal) and also enjoys it on the most part but she doesn't deal to much with the customers. She has all this coming week off because of exams.

Ten days until Christmas!!!!! Yikes!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! And I do mean Christmas and not Season's Greetings!!

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