Friday, September 16, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) First week back at work is done! I am TIRED! I did make a huge decision which is a 180 turnaround for me. I put in a transfer to go from part-time to full-time. Wow! What have I done? Am I crazy or what? Life changed a bit this summer. It was another coming of age, family style. The boys are maturing and becoming more independent and Hubby and I are finding ourselves with more time. This is not a bad thing, It's just that we are finding it interesting as we now evolve from hand's on parenting to support parenting. (I hope that makes sense.) The boys are developing their own lives and we are watching (like a coach) from the sidelines. Instead of holding their hand and walking beside them, we now walk behind and support their decisions. Or in a lot of cases, offer up our opinions with explanations why they should rethink their decisions!! I can tell you it is not easy. In fact it is one of the hardest things we have ever had to do! Parenting is much easier when the children are younger and have no say! This becoming of age thing is very difficult. Knowing when to give advice or step in and knowing when to just shut up and let them fall. It's not instinctive yet to just "coach". Time and advice from our own parents and good friends help Hubby and I to keep from blowing our top and pulling our hair out! Wow, How do teens ever survive to adulthood? We all did, and boy, do I ever have more respect for my parents! If any of you have any advice for raising teenagers, please, please let us know. It's hearing stories from other people that makes us realize that we share in this journey. There is comfort in company. Thank-you!

(Sunshine) Another week down. it was very busy at work. we did get another girl on Tuesday and she seems really nice but I miss my buddy who is no longer working with us. They wanted to send her to another school but it's too far for her so now she is out of a job. I think that the Meanager wanted her gone so she found a way to make it happen. it's too bad that she has so much power because we lost a really good worker and a good friend. That said, the rest of the week was a little bit depressing. I am presently looking for another job with a similar schedule.

I had typed so much more but I lost it and I'm too tired to redo.

(Carolin) Welcome to my world ladies! I get the tired, I have been having a hard time falling a sleep this week then after hours I wake up and can't get back to sleep. Thursday night I was up till 3:00 am and today I woke up at 5:00 am. The positive thing is work is going well we are busy and sales were up this past week compared to last year this time. The family is off to a wedding tomorrow. The husbands niece is getting married should be a good time.

Sorry Sunshine work is not going so well I hope it works out for you. Well off to bed I go as I am tired. Keep your fingers crossed that I fall a sleep and stay a sleep.

Cathy I sympathize with the parenting issues. I feel that we have all spent many years teaching and leading by example. As long as the always act with integrity then I say let them spread their wings and sit back and watch them fly!

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