Friday, November 18, 2011

Catch up Fridays

(Caroline) Well look at this, its Friday and I am the one setting up the blog. I am not good at dealing with a white screen. So where to start. (Cathy) Awesome job! I went Christmas shopping with my mom. We are almost done! Just one or two little things to pick up.

Another week has gone by. Same old, same old at work. We had a 1:00 pm dismissal today. I brought Mac and cheese home with me as KD has to work. She will come for dinner later. I love mac and cheese. Just yesterday I asked my mom if she would be so kind as to make her mac and cheese for us for dinner one night. I love it with ketchup!!! ???? Mac and Cheese are two little girls (KD's daughters) But glad you like them with ketchup!

(Sunshine) Its been a busy week and a frustrating one at that. I have been working all week for another catering company in another school all week. It is far to get to but I told them that I would help them for two weeks until they found someone permanent. It's a busy place and run very efficiently. The pay is a big issue once again and I am getting so frustrated. To work our butts off for almost nothing just doesn't seem fair. Then I had an interview this week in retail for a company that I really like. They are doing a background check and then I will receive the offer letter according to the manager. I love the environment and the staff and philosophy of the company with regards to the customers and their employees. My frustration again is with the hourly wage. I can't understand how any mature adult can be expected to work for minimum wage. This job would be part time and would include weekends and summers and March break as well but at least there is room for future advancement and it could possibly become a career in the years to come. It would mean a lot of changes within my family and some of them I don't really know how to handle. Summer time will be a big problem as Miss Teen Sunshine will be working long hours and Mr Sunshine is in and out of town and not available for time with Little Miss Sunshine when I would be working. Taking her to work with me is not an option, I already asked that question. I know everyone is thinking how am I different from any other family out there. I want to know how do people do it when putting her in a day camp would be more than what I would make for the week and she and I would be very unhappy. I feel as though I am going around in circles again and again with regards to this subject. I am feeling so lost. Sunshine, what job would make you happy? I ask this because though I work 70 plus hours a week and if it is a good week I might make $8.00 an hour, on the most part I am happy. I wake up looking forward to going to work, I enjoy my day. Of course there are parts about it that are frustrating but all in all I like it. The hourly rate is the hourly rate, Ontario's minimum wage is one of the highest in the world! As a consumer we want the cheapest price for products and service but as an employee we want to make what we feel we are worth. Unfortunately, they don't meet.

On to family life, little Miss Sunshine is getting older so she could be left alone at home during your shifts. Teen Sunshine can look for a summer job that is closer to home or take the bus as many others do. Mr. Sunshine has always had a job that required him to travel. And that is not going to change. Is the compromising with your home life worth it? Keep in mind with retail you will work 4 hour shifts (all over the place), for less then what you were making, and is there a real potential for a career? Are you willing to work whenever they ask and (you will hate this) do you really think career advancement will be given to a 40 plus with baggage(husband, kids availability restrictions) or to a twenty something who will work when ever and has bounds of energy. I know you won't like that thought, really think about it. The other thing to think about is sick time. Will you have any? Or family care time. They might say that you can call in for a day off for when the kids are sick but will you still have a job and for how long? What about nights? Will you be able to get time off for concerts or after school sports? I have worked 13 years full time and when the Younger One was a year old I went part time. I was lucky because of my seniority I was able to choose shifts which we could make work with our family. I was also lucky because I had my parents and you good ladies available to help out when I was in a pinch. Hubby did not have to travel with his job so there was consistancy there. When we worked out daycare and a house cleaner verses part time; part time came out ahead. Now, after another 13 years I am back to full time. We will see if it will work; however, I still have options. I know you are thinking about all of this and it is a really hard decision!

The Christmas season is upon us, and the city's Santa Clause Parade is tomorrow night. The little one has never been to the parade and every year when we ask her if she wants to go she says "No". This year was no exception till the maintenance guy 'Jim' asked her if she was going? She said she wasn't then he asked her if she would like to sit on a float and be in the parade. Well, that changed everything. So, though she has never been to the parade she can boast she has been in the parade! She is pretty excited! I am so happy for her. She will have a great time. When I worked for a company many years ago I was in the Parade wearing the company's mascot costume. It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. She is going to have a ball.

How's the Christmas shopping coming along? I am hoping to be completed by Dec 1st.

Christmas shopping, what's that?. There is no time and no money, even if there was time.

I think this Christmas will be a good time to refocus on what is important and valuable in life: no money needed!

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!!

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