Friday, December 23, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Merry Christmas everyone!!!!
It is now 8:52pm and I am now sitting down for the first time this evening. I have to be in bed in thirty minutes. I think I am done; done with all my lists. I usually like to have a spotless home for Christmas, however, this year I decided to just clean the bathrooms and do a general tidy. Hopefully, tomorrow when I am at work in the chaos, someone at home will vacuum the floors.
We received a few early gifts for Christmas this year. First, our older son received his first early acceptance to university! Very exciting! Secondly, I was able to get Christmas Day off!!!!!! Christmas is all about family and friends and sharing and caring and now I will be able to participate!

Hey Ladies, are you all ready for Christmas? Who is hosting and who is cooking what? Is anyone trying anything new this year? Where is everyone going to be this year?

(Carolin) This home is all ready as well. Gifts are bought, wrapped and this new tradition you have started of letting Christmas come with a messy house 'Rocks'. As we too, also will not have a spotless clean house. We are NOT hosting Christmas this year. YEAH!!!! My Mom will come tonight and then tomorrow afternoon we will head to my Aunt's for Christmas festivities. I am to bring the turkey and dressing. I cooked the turkey yesterday while at work so I am ready to go.

Just in case anyone forgot:

Merry Christmas and God Bless Us Everyone!

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