Friday, November 25, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) Hi all. So I just finished my first five days in a row working full time. Ugh! Will someone please tell me again why I (and it was me) chose this new path? I will get used to it in time. Funny thing though, the time at work flies by and I like it, however, reality hits when I come home. How am I supposed to do all that I did in the three hours I have free before I have to go to bed? I wore a pedometer last week and in nine hours at work I walked over 13, 400 steps! The recommendation is from 10,000 to 12,000 steps for an active person! What does this make me? Is it good for a loss of five pounds? Ten? In time I will figure out a new schedule. It's the cooking and phone calls and organizing that I have to reorganize. I will give myself until after Christmas to get it all working. (Sunshine) Good luck with the new shift. I suppose one way to look at it is if you are going to work, then you may as well work all day and make some good money out of it. (Carolin) That is alot of steps Cathy. I should have a look around for my pedometer I would be curoius to see how many steps a day I take.

On to another topic. What did everyone think of the Breast Cancer post? Did anyone go onto the Rethink Breast Cancer website? There has been a lot of talk on the news lately about Breast Cancer screening. I have no answer, I just wish cancer would go away. I watched a friend die of Breast Cancer. She had discovered a small lump in her breast. She did go to her doctor who told her it was nothing to worry about. Her instincts told her otherwise. She had to really bug him and when he would not get the lump tested she went to another doctor. That doctor did the test. By that time the lump had grown and it was too late. I get that testing costs money and some tests might do more harm than good. So, what is the answer? The "C" work really scares me. I watched the video like you asked Cathy. I thought it was a little over the line but that is cause I am a prude I guess. I got there point though and that is what matters in the long run.

Changing subjects yet again. This Sunday is pudding day. It's the First Sunday of Advent. Time for three stirs and a wish! I am sure that it will be a really fun filled family day. I am sure you will have a great time with your Mom, Sister and Aunts.

I haven't' got all my shopping done yet but I have made a big dent in it. It was a another busy week at work. We had 4 volleyball teams visit from other schools for a tournament on Wednesday. We will be hosting another tournament this coming Monday. And of course it is that time of year so I am gearing up for Bethlehem Breakfast. I have everything ordered or completed (I think). On Thursday school is done at 1:00 pm so after I clean up I will be heading up to the Holland Marsh and pickup 50 poinsettias from a grower.

The husband set up the Christmas tree but we have a problem. Seems the kitten (Prince) loves the tree. He climbs up to the top and sits up there and has his nap. The little one doesn't want us to put any decorations on the tree so Prince can enjoy it. I on the other hand am not to pleased. I am going to get the lights on the tree and hope that will be a deterrent for him to stay off the tree. The teenager thinks I am buying the 50 poinsettias for the house so that I can poison the cat!

Wishing everyone a warm and happy Christmas Season!

p.s. Dear Santa, I've been good this year..... really!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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