Sunday, November 6, 2011

Catch Up Fridays

(Cathy) It's Friday again! Que bonita! Me pregunto si es possible escribir todo esta "blog" en espanol? No? Ok. I hope I spelled all of that correct and the grammar was ok too. If it was not, please feel free to correct me. That's how I will learn. I am finding that the spanish is coming back to me and when I speak spanish with my colleagues at work they seem to understand me, so I will continue to watch, "Las Aparicios" on TLN. It's really good! (Carolin) I love you Cathy but you are really ODD!
I wonder how Carolin and Sunshine did this week? I am sure they had a great time and it was a success! Well, we didn't kill each other. All went well Cathy, always stuff to do. Sunshine was a great worker and it was amazing having her there to help. We got it all done and the customer was happy and that in the end is all that matters. I must say though I am tired, my body is tired, my brain is tired. Feeding 500 teachers is tiring! Firstly, Carolin was a GREAT MANAGER AND BOSS. She has a really amazing operation. I admire her so much for having the courage to just go for it. She took a chance, believed in herself, put in the hard work and she succeeded. Way to go Carolin! I agree!!! You can compete with the big guys no problem. On my way out I expressed to her that I was so impressed that I wish the operation was mine.

How many kids did you ladies get for Halloween? I think we had about 80 kids, adults and dogs trick or treat at our door. It was fun but too short! I did miss the old days! I'm glad it didn't rain. I was home alone (and it was great) we had maybe 18 kids. We had next to nothing left so I believe we had about 150 or so kids. We were out trick or treating for about three hours and it was a fun and warm night.
It was a typical week for me. Just routine. Sometime this weekend I will go and tidy up the yard. All I really do is clean up the containers and bring in my little statues and signs and lamps. I like to leave the seed heads and stalks for the flora and fauna that visit during the winter. Does Merryweather also enjoy the seed heads when she comes to visit? But of course!

Well, as it's Friday we are having pizza for dinner. Big surprise. You would think that they get tired of eating it every Friday. I now I am bored with making if every Friday. It's easy though so I cannot complain too much. Only Fridays, you would be bored of Pizza if you made it everyday like I do and not just one or two but 6 to 10 of them. Now that's boring I love pizza anytime, any day.
The convention is done and now on to the next project. The annual Bethlehem Breakfast. Yes ladies you have heard me whine about this breakfast for 12 years. I am seriously considering hanging up my volunteer hat after this year, it's time for some fresh blood. I find it somewhat frustrating as I try to do something different each year (same basic structure) and it feels to me my ideas are turned down. I had a live Christian singing group, "Carried Away", all lined up to be our entertainment and it would only cost $200.00! I was told, No, cause they are more for adults than kids. Yes, I know that and that is why I wanted them. Guess who buys the tickets and decides if the family is going or not, the adults!!!! Live music is entertaining to kids regardless of what they are singing and if we get the adults engaged then its a win win for all. So guess what we are doing for entertainment this year? Come on guess? You got it as of this date we have NOTHING! $200.00 sound like an amazing deal. I can sing???

Also feels since we have a new principal it is getting more bureaucratic and top heavy. Everything has to go through layers of red tape and purchase orders have to be created. So in the long run not much gets done and it is boring. I no longer have the patience to deal with this kind of 'business'. As I said to Sunshine this week I don't think I could handle working for a 'company' anymore as they zap all your motivation and creativity and it takes forever to get anything done.
I agree and I feel more and more like that everyday.

I am inquiring about poinsettias to purchase for centre pieces and then sell them. I think I will just do it with out telling the powers that be and when all is done and it looks great they can take the credit! It is always hard to stand back and watch the injustice. I always feel though that I will always do what is right and proper and continue to be happy with myself and my choices. Carolin, you will always make the right choice and always remember that what counts is how you live your life!!!

Have a good week everyone!

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