Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thursdays on the Bench

(Sunshine) Hi everyone, how is everyone doing? It's a long weekend and things around here are getting very busy. Today was Little Miss Sunshine's birthday (she is finally double digits). My sister came over as she is off for the week. The birthday girl wanted to go for dinner and then bowling so we were out quite late. On Thursday after school she will have her girlfriends over for a little party. She wanted to make it a baking party so we will be baking muffins and pizza and cookies. It will be a fun and very busy night. Then Friday is Good Friday so we are in the process of arranging our yearly fish and chips outing. We should be getting our book club books when we are together on Friday. Then Saturday we will celebrate Easter and Little Miss Sunshine's Birthday at our home with both sides of the family; so I will be busy preparing for 30 people. It will be a very relaxing (??) weekend. Actually, I am looking forward to everything except all of the work that is involved. (Carolin) I don't know about relaxing and it is Friday morning and you have already stressed me out! The little one said she had fun at Little Miss Sunshines birthday party. Thanks for inviting her.

(Cathy) Hey Sunshine, you will be very busy this weekend. I bet you don't want to change places with me! I will be working, Good Friday, Saturday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday; then I get two days off! I have taken advantage of the weather though. I have done all of my laundry and hung it outside to dry. I love to hang clothes outside to dry, nothing beats that warm sunny fragrance. I am doing my laundry right now the first load is hanging outside as I type. have been tidying my garden beds, too. Please note all budding gardeners..... please resist the urge to rake your lawns and dig in your garden beds! It is much too soon! We have clay soil and the moisture (frost) is still coming up from the ground. Too much walking and digging and raking will just compact the clay and come August you will have bricks. Stay off the lawn!!! Just go around and crumple the leaves back onto the garden bed. You should make the neighbour behind me read this, they are out there raking away. Tidy up broken twigs and prune whatever needs pruning at this time of year. I hope I will have time to sit and read a book and drink a cup of tea, (my favourite past time), in the garden. We are all looking forward to fish and chips this year! (Carolin) Hi all, I am late typing thankfully Cathy sent a email reminding me to get on and type. Yes it is Good Friday we are home from church and it was a nice service. I am hoping to get my laundry and tidy the house today before we all go out for Fish and Chips. I hope everyone had a good week. Work was good though my $$ are down I am assuming it is because it is the first week back for us after March Break, and the weather is nice so the kids want to be outside. I spoke to the principal about what is going to happen next year. He still has nothing confirmed so I am getting very frustrated. I have to type up a letter with what I want and give him and the board a deadline. I have also started telling parents and students that if they want me back next year and they find having food services in the school beneficial then they need to email the principal and any board members and let them know. I am hoping it might put a fire under the board and they will get my future settled once and for all.

I wish everyone a very happy Easter and amongst all the family, dinner's, and chocolate may we all remember who sacrificed his life for us so we could be saved.

Happy Easter Everyone!

May the Lord bless you all.

Happy Easter to everyone and have a great long weekend. The weather is suppose to be amazing!


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