Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bench Talk: Our favourite March Break Activities

It's March Break! This only means something big if you are a kid or if you have kids. What are some of your favourite activities for March Break? Come share with us!

(Carolin) Any activity would be better than how we have started our March Break. The teenager left this morning to spend a few hours with her Grandmother and then was meeting a friend and they were spending the day in Toronto. She plans to take the train home tomorrow morning (will spend night with said Grandmother). I know she made it to her Grandmother's as I got 12 phone calls on what to do, where to go, what does the building look like, etc. Finally, when she was with Grandma I asked her what she learned from this and she rolled her eyes at me (I honestly could hear the eyes rolling over the phone!) and said MOT-HER. After a "don't mother me" she admitted it might have been easier if she had written her Grandmother's address down. All this was happening while I was taking the little one to the doctors for a check up. I had made the appointment a while ago but thankfully I did, as she was not feeling well. The doctor gave her a stronger prescription for her Asthma meds and has also put her on a liquid steroid for the next five days. If her breathing does not improve by this afternoon we are to take her to emergency. She is sleeping on the couch now and hopefully the steroids will do the trick. I have never been to our cities new hospital and would like to keep it that way. Tomorrow we are off to the eye doctors for eye exams. Isn't March Break great! (Sunshine) Miss Teen Sunshine was on the prednisone for about a week when she was about 10 years old and it worked beautifully and she has never had to use it since (knock on wood).
Thankfully the little one's school has a two week March break so next week we plan to go to the Museum and Science Centre and such, when the crowds are gone. The teenager will be getting some free admissions passes from Grandma so it will be a fun cheep week. Of course you have coupons!!!!!
Well, I have limited time because I have more laundry to do and packing to do. We leave for New York City tomorrow morning. Knowing Mr. Sunshine it will be very very early. Someone will be looking after the dog for us and house sitting so that is a load off my mind. Does anyone watch the show, "Cake Boss," on TLC? We are going to visit Buddy and the gang and Little Miss Sunshine couldn't be more excited. She has over the last six months or so developed a love for baking. Only you Sunshine, if my child showed an interest in baking I would buy them a easy bake oven. But you, head to NYC so she can meet the CAKE BOSS! Now of course it would mean a lot more to me if I knew who the Cake Boss was. But I am assuming he is some wonder on TV.
I am looking forward to seeing FAO Schwartz (LOVE), Central Park (LOVE) and some great restaurants. We may even make it to watch a production on Broadway if we can manage to get some 50% off tickets. We are hoping to see either, "Wicked" or "The Phantom of the Opera." Have a great time; we haven't been there in years. If you get time head over to the Twin Towers Monument. I am sure it would be a very emotional experience.
Gotta go now so have a great week and talk to you all later.
Sorry all for not getting my two cents in. Our home, (garage) was broken in to, in broad daylight! My husband's power tools were all stolen! They broke through the side garage door. The police said this is quite common and that they are looking for easy stuff to exchange for quick cash so they can buy drugs. He said it shouldn't happen again as they are too stupid to remember which home they stole from! So, now we get to deal with the insurance and replacing the door and tools. Not to mention the 'creep factor' that someone has invaded our home.
Happy March Break!

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  1. Cathy I am relly sorry to hear that. Thank goodness everyone is ok.