Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday Morning with NOTHING to do

It's my first day of March Break and I got nothing to do. For all who are not familiar with what March break is, in Ontario a majority of the schools close for a week (in my case it is two weeks!). Many go away for the week, Florida being the hot spot. Actually if you have ever been to Florida during March break you might think you had made a wrong turn as all the car licenses plates are from Ontario. Our house discussed going away, we were looking into going out west to Vancouver and visiting my brother, but the husband could not get the time off. But anyway I digress back to me...

This is the first Saturday in a very long time where I don't need to plan, shop and cook for the upcoming week of school cafeteria lunches. I am at a loss as to what I should do with myself. The teenager is away for the weekend snowboarding up north, the little one is content staying in her pj and watching Saturday cartoon. I am not sure what the husband is up to and actually not even sure if he has to work today. So what do I do with myself?

I was thinking of going through family photos as I would like to create a wall of family photos for our bedroom. Or I could organize my work signage and have it laminated (boring) or I could drive over to blockbuster and get some movies and lay on the couch with a bag (OK two) of ruffles potato chips. Or I can curl up with my stack of books and get some reading done. As I look around I do notice the kitchen floor needs to be washed that's a possibility (a slim one).

Benchers send me a comment and vote on what I should do with my time off.

1. Organize photos
2. Organize work papers
3. Watch movies and eat potato chips
4. Read a book or two
5. Wash the kitchen floor.


P.S. I could head over to Walmart and just take my time wandering the store looking for nothing in particular.


  1. Hi Cathy,
    Last week you posted a comment on my post No Stranger Sunday on this post ( ).
    You said that you thought it was a great idea to host interviews; so that made me wonder - would you like to be next weeks featured blogger? I know that there are 3 of you whom run this blog, but you can all be interviewed (or just one)..?

    If not, I understand - if so, that's wonderful. Just let me know so that if so, we can get started.



  2. Hi Jerrica, Carolin here, yes we would love to be interviewed. There are 4 of us Cathy, Carolin, Sunshine and Louise. We all write when we can. I do know that Sunshine is going to NYC for a few day this week. I will call her to find out what works for her. We are scheduled to get together this coming Friday, so I will try to confirm that aswell. Let us know what your week is like. Keep in mind it is as I said before March break here so we all have a house of kids home and trying to arrange March break activities etc. What dates work for you?


  3. Hi Carolin, I should have read this yesterday but even so my vote would have been the same, watch movies. I did the very same thing. Mr. Sunshine was working all day and Miss Teen Sunshine had music lessons and later went to a movie with some friends. I have had a cold all week and was planning on relaxing and hopefully getting better so Little Miss Sunshine and I watched movies for most of the day.
    Regarding the interview, I would be available late Monday afternoon or evening as my day up until about 3:00pm is already booked. The rest of my week is already booked as well.

  4. Hi all,
    Just getting caught up. Jerrica, thanks so much for considering us. We are all thrilled!

    Carolin, as I'm seeing this on Sunday, what did you end up doing? I would have voted for the couch, movies, chips and I would add a nice fire in the fireplace with a pot of tea!

    Hope you all have a nice Sunday. I'm off to the airport to help people get to where they want to go!

  5. I ended up....

    Cooking! I know it wasn't even on the list. I made to pots of French Canadian Pea soup. Which we had for lunch today and I brought the other pot over to my Uncle Hanks as it is one of his favourites. But I also did start a new book and spent some time review my Food Handler book as I go to get my certification on Thursday. I have been tryin to write this test since last November but the testing has always been full and I have been put on a waiting list.

    I think the interview thing sounds like fun and I am in. Hopefully we can get the schedule worked out for all of us.