Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Got Accepted!

Finally the big white envelope has arrived. What felt like every other grade 12 student had received their big white envelopes of acceptance. We sadly had not, the teenager and I had broke down and discussed what her plan B would since it appeared she wasn't getting any acceptances.

But now it doesn't matter cause the big white envelope has arrived and written on the outside in huge red letters it says CONGRATULATIONS. So right away I text the teenager at school (yes I know I am not supposed to, but this is important)

Me: the mail just came with a big envelope from your first choice. It says in big letter on the outside congratulations. Can I open it and text u. Just so you know I had to text that Congrats was on the outside so she wouldn't get in a snit that I opened her mail
The Teenager: Yes!
Me: Can I call you? The texting takes me to long
The Teenager: I'm in class
Me: Your accepted with a scholarship! Houners Bachelor of Applied Arts in Media Studies!!!
The Teenager: YaaaaaaY!!! Re-close the envelope so I can open it when I get home
Me: Thinking ???? isn't the surprise over now, but I obediently put everything back in the envelope and try to make it look like it hasn't been frantically torn apart.

It has been a few hours now and every once and a while I look at the BWE (big white envelop). It actually brings a tear to my eye. She is growing up and after this summer things will never be the same. I am proud of her and know that this is the University she really wants to go to.

Once again my eyes veer to the BWE and I start to think why would they put a CONGRATULATIONS sticker on the outside of the envelope, doesn't it take the surprise away. But then it hit me the sticker is not for the applicant. Cause we all know that teenagers are not the one going out to get the mail (even when it is delivered to your front door). The only person in our house anyway who gets the mail is me. I believe CONGRATULATIONS sticker was put on for me. It was the Universities way of letting this crazy over involved, living vicariously through her daughter Mom know without breaking any federal laws of tampering mail that she is in!!!.

So to choice number one University, this mother says "THANK YOU".



  1. Awe! A very big Congratulations!!! :)

  2. Yipee!!!!! Wow!!!! Yeah!!!! Congratulations to the teenager and you all! Wow! University next year. We are all soooo very proud of her! Love you all!

  3. Way to go and CONGRATULATIONS(in big red letters)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!