Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dancing with the stars (Season #10)

What a premiere! The stars are so diverse and there is something for everyone. Jake the bachelor is back and watching over him is his beloved Vienna and Gia (didn't he already choose between the two of them)?

80 year old Buzz Aldrin, what a career and he is still young at heart. I don't know about his dancing though.

Pamela Anderson, that woman oozes sex appeal from every pore in her body.

Kate Gosselin, I didn't even recognize her. She should be the first one eliminated. Aren't there eight little people who require her undivided attention?

Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls, wow she was amazing!

Jessie James , I guess Donald Trump was right about him after all. (Oh, sorry wrong show).

There are many more stars involved but we will talk about them some other time. It should be a fun season.


  1. All I have heard people talking about is how does Kate G. have time for this show? I heard she had a dance studio built at her home so she could practice and stay home with the kids. I wonder how much that cost? Not my business, I know. Did she think DWTS would be good for her as all I hear is negative comments?

  2. I got to watch the tail end of it and Oh my God!!!!Please if I ever loose myself in my own insanity and end up looking like some of those really awful dancers...Please just shoot me and end the pain for all involved.
    I agree very different people, but Kate I think she deserves something just for her, but I don't think this is it!!!!