Friday, March 5, 2010

Insert title Here!

(Sunshine) Hello everyone. Happy Friday night. We really don't have a great name picked out for this bi-weekly meeting but I think that we need to step up our game if we really want to become a well visited blog someday. (Carolin)Hey bloggers here is a challenge for you. Come up with a title for our Friday night chats. (Louise)Okay.. I'm trying to figure out what I want to say but these women are yelling about how many times one of them(notice how I say one of them)It's Cathy, It's Cathy!!!!had sex this week!!! A little hint....even when you're at your worst.........Sex is always a fascinating subject, just because everyone has a different opinion on it...You weren't sick if you had sex! You know, how many times you like it, different and favorite positions, how many partners, who's in charge..........I can't believe we are talking about this. And from Louise of all people. I am mortified; this is a family blog.
Now the subject has changed to doctors appointments!!!How important is it that we take our kids in every year to have a check up. I think if they are healthy don't fix something that's not broken.....Okay it's back to sex....I think someone gave up sex for lent but I will never tell who...ha ha. Which Lent was it that you gave sex up for?

Louise had the idea of all of us having a pot luck. So we all brought something to eat.
Great food and it's such a treat to have a home cooked meal and not have to cook it myself!
We had two kinds of salad, stew, garlic bread, chicken wings, pizza...yum yum and key lime pie for dessert. I think I just heard a jamaican accent......
The lent season is upon us and one of my friends told me that as Catholics we are suppose to abstain from intimacy for the 40 days of lent. For us non Catholics she means SEX! I had said that I have never heard of this and that I would ask the priest at the school that I work at. So off to work I went and I didn't see Father Norm all day. I asked the two girls that I work with if they had ever heard of that. They both said that they had not and that we should ask Father Norm. Well the next day I saw Father and my co-worker asked me if I was going to ask him.. I commented that I would maybe later when no one was around (I am sure that I would never ask that question). Well Father commented that they had asked him earlier. I thought that he was joking but then he told me that I should just go ahead and have fun because there is no such rule. Well, I turned all shades of red and was thoroughly embarrassed! Well now every time I see Father he asks me how I am and how my lent is going and then he smiles a big smile! I will be embarrassed forever. I think this is hilarious and I would like to meet this cool Father Norm someday. OMG I would die!!!! (Cathy)This is priceless!!!!!! I have tears in my eyes from laughing so much!

Carolin is now talking about cancelling her home land line. My uncle in Italy cancelled his a long time ago and he is able to be reached only on his cell phone. I think that it will save a whole lot of money so I wonder if she will actually do it. I know that if Carolin does it that inevitably we will all probably follow suite and also try it. We all did that with the TV cable at one point. In my home we actually gave up watching TV for lent and cancelled the cable and did not have it for a little bit over a year or so. Once Mr. Sunshine got his bigger TV he got cable once again. I kind of missed watching TV with all of those lines. It has been so long since we had cable that I don't know what I would do with a zillion channels. Though I think I would of liked to watch that new show, "Parenthood." I don't know if it comes on a channel I get cause I can't stay up late enough to watch it. Perhaps I will wait and watch it when it comes out on DVD. That is how I am watching, "Brothers and Sisters," I am on season three and should be done this weekend. Of course because you know me I get the DVDs from the library and have two weeks to watch them (free). I just finished season two of, "Big Love," great show.....and now I'm watching season 5 of, "Rescue Me," my favorite show of all time!!! I have to go rub a leg be back soon! Whose leg? Oh, it's her youngest son's leg. It's sore. It must be a little bit better now because he is singing.

Does the man with the knife sharpening truck sharpen meat slicers? I know that we used the man in the truck for the lawn mower and Mr Sunshine said that he did an OK job. I would think that if they can sharpen a lawn mower blade then he should be able to sharpen a meat slicer blade. I am not really sure.

(Carolin) Hey everyone, my turn to type cause Cathy won't shut up. Actually, I can't get a word in! I just keep repeating myself over and over again! I think I have said this before, I'm going to refer back to one of our past blogs. She has been sick for a couple of weeks and I think perhaps she misses talking to us! It feels great to be back among the living with my best friends. Once again Cathy was not really sick. I can't catch a break! I will be back cause our food is ready and I am starving. We are just finishing dinner (very yummy) . Cathy is talking about the closing ceremonies of the Olympics. I didn't watch it, but the others say it was embarrassing for Canadians because they over did our stereotypes. The beaver, moose, maple leaf etc. So fellow bloggers we want to know, did you feel the closing ceremonies were embarrassing to watch? I would like to hear from benchers who are not Canadian as well. Benchers, hello benchers, are you out there? Louise just threw in another question maybe someone can answer. Why during the Olympics is the French language always spoken first? It's always the same I think. I think I recall that it's always french spoken first, but I do wonder why? Speaking of french, Louise is telling us about her son having to perform in a french skit at school. He did not have a good time. I remember having to perform in a play in grade school and being so scared that I hid under a desk and spoke my lines from there. What makes it even worse is that I had written the skit and the teachers gave me a great grade and wanted it performed for other classes! I am still amazed that I survived!

What about American Idol. I am not impressed with Ellen DeGeneres. I like her but I am tired about her always reminding us about how she is not an authority on music. I would love to see some actual rock stars as judges. I would love to see three knew judges every year. My personal suggestions would be people like Gene Simmons, Steve Tyler, Cindy Lauper, etc. I think that it would be much more interesting. Simon is a good judge but even he is looking a little bit bored himself. I like American Idol and I hope that it continues on. American Idol is the only show I watch.....I don't really have time for to much TV......The last few weeks its been busy with Soccer try outs and physio......I'm tired just thinking about it! Anyway I'm liking it...I like the blond girl with the dreds(not sure of spelling) and I haven't really had a chance to watch the guys yet so I'll let you know who I like when I get a chance to see and hear them.
Have a good night everyone. Hope we entertained you! Feed back is always appreciated.

Well how are you all doing and how is your lent going?

Gosh you are killing me, not again with the sex talk!


  1. What I truly love about being a Canadian is our incredible ability to poke fun at ourselves and have a grand time doing it!! I thought the closing ceremonies were was a wrap up to big party, after all, so why on earth would we want to be serious about it?! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to put on my lumberjack jacket and run aboot the hoose with a moose!
    Viva la Canada!!!

  2. Eh Carol good for you, but being Calgarian don't forget your cowboy hat! With all the talk about the closing ceremonies I now wish I had watched them.

    This morning I am reading over the last night blog and you know what I noticed Cathy barely did any writing. Let me tell you fellow benchers it might appear like she is the quite one but I an assure you this is not true the only time we didn't hear her incessant talking was while she was shoveling food in her mouth! Cathy what the heck why didn't you type and know more excuse’s you were sick. Cause we all now know you might of been flat on your back but it wasn’t cause you were sick!!!

  3. Hey Carol, I didn't mind the fact that we were poking fun at ourselves, I poke fun at myself, too. I just thought that that portion of the closing ceremonies went on a little too long.

    As for why I didn't type more last night, I was too busy having a good time!

    Hey Carol, for all the years we have known each other...... do I really talk a lot????? lol!

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    Bridgette Groschen
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  5. Hi Bridgette! Happy Monday! Thanks for following. We will be happy to visit you and follow you back.

  6. Hi, it's Jerrica from Something To Talk About. You visited my blog to check out the innterview I had with Natalie from The Adventures of Paul and Natalie. You asked me to tell you what I think:

    I like your blog. I think you have a lot of funny topics going on, even all at once. You make it easy to keep up with who's talking (which is great) and you all seem to suit each other in your own ways. I do, however think that the posts are a bit long - it was hard for me to keep interested once I got to the part of Carolin canceling her home line. Maybe it's just a bit [too] wordy?
    All in all, I like it though. I'm now following your blog and I hope that you continue with the funny posts. :) :)