Sunday, April 4, 2010

We've Changed our Look - Again!

We changed our template once again. This time we tried out the new, "Template Designer," from Blogger. It's nice to have the ability to play around with the columns and even be able to change the size of the columns. We do have one concern with this new layout. When you open up to our home page, there is no indication of new posts. We are concerned that there might not be enough incentive for people to 'page down' to see the rest of our blog. If we move blog items up to the home page it covers the dandelion and clutters the clean look.

Benchers and fellow bloggers, please give us your feedback and let us know what you thing about this new look! Your opinions are always greatly appreciated.



  1. I too really like it Cathy. Kudos to you! Because of the latest blog not being seen issue can we add a widget (??) to home page that has the date of the most recent blog. Then hopefully readers will have more of an incentive to scroll down. Is this possible? Also Cathy can you remove Lorraine Sommerfeld blog from the list as she has moved to her own domain now. So the link might not work much longer.